Norwegian Royals Celebrate National Day

Members of the Norwegian royal family celebrated Constitution Day today with an annual appearance on the palace balcony for the Oslo children’s parade.

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Queen Sonja wore a striking hat in cream straw with a square crown and and wide brim raised on one side. The hat is trimmed with a navy hatband and brim piping, a classic combination that gives high contrast punch to the design. I think it’s a fantastic piece for Sonja. As in years past, King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon both wore morning suits with black silk top hats. I’ll wait for our top hat experts to weigh in but it seems to me that King Harald could do with a slightly larger size.
Queen Sonja, May 17, 2017 | Royal Hats
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:  May 20, 2003; May 30, 2001 
Crown Princess Mette-Marit stuck to national colours, topping her navy coat with a red beret hat worn on the back of her head. While not my favourite piece, it’s a great colour choice for today’s national holiday.
Princess Mette-Marit, May 17, 2017 | Royal Hats
Designer: unknown. Possibly Mona Strand.
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Märtha Louise dressed in traditional folk costume for her own, private celebrations and shared this snap.

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Gratulerer med dagen! #17.mai #grunnlovsdagen #hurra

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It looks like a great day was enjoyed by all. What do you think of this quartet of hats?
Norwegian Royal Family, May 17, 2017 | Royal Hats
Photos from Getty as indicated and Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix via the Royal House of Norway

16 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Celebrate National Day

  1. Not loving QSonia’s hat…she looks like she belongs on a Mississippi riverboat, drinking mint juleps and playing cards.

  2. Queen Sonya’s hat is wonderful,as is her whole look – although I admit that her proximity to Prince Haakon wearing full morning suit does accentuate the more casual vibe of her and her husband’s attire.
    I love the rather old-fashioned, 19th century effect Mette-Marit achieves when she pulls her hair into a bun or ponytail at the back, with a small close-fitting cap/ headpiece. It suits her, and I wish she would wear this look more often than just at the Nobel events.

  3. I know it has nothing to do with hats and it may be just the choice of pictures but don’t you find hilarious that the young prince, while not making faces like last time, waves at the crowd when no one does and does’nt when the rest of the family does?

  4. While I do like Sonja’s hat, it does also have a bit of cowboy element that keeps me from singing its full praises. While it wouldn’t go with the National Day color theme, I think a large pheasant feather sweeping around the crown would help elevate this hat (you knew I was gonna say that, didn’t you?).

    Mette-Marit’s hat is not a surprise, although more substantial than I would’ve guessed given her recent fancy headband streak.

    Haakon’s top hat looks great on him, and I like the shorter crown for something a little different. Harald’s top hat definitely is a little small; I wonder if it’s a family heirloom, hence his continuing to wear it despite being a bit small? While I can’t say for certain because it is hard to tell from photos, I often wonder if Harald’s head is really quite large in comparison to most people; this could also help explain why it’s hard to find a good top hat for him.

  5. They sure color coordinated here! It’s cute. The guys look good and I like MM’s red beret. She looks fab in red an should wear it more. My top fave here is Sonja. Her hat is traditional and modern at the same time. Love it.

  6. Thank you for telling us the rules and regulations Chuck. My eye tells me that the King’s hat looks too small for him. I am glad to see the Crown Prince appears to be growing his beard back. As for the ladies, I do love the Queen’s hat. It really does make a statement. The Crown Princess always seems a bit hat shy to me, and certainly does love to minimalize fhe effect by wearing most hats on the very back of her head. These gravity defying hats really bother me. But, as Hat Queen says, red is a great colour on her, so all is not lost!

  7. I like Queen Sonja’s hat, but I wonder if, unlike her husband’s hat situation, her hat is too large in scale for her. The general shape is pleasing, though. Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s beret looks right for the occasion, but if it is, as the Hat Queen suggests, an earlier hat without its feather–what a transformation!

    • I think it’s great! It might look different if we were looking straight at her eye to eye instead of up at her from under the brim. As is, I still love it. that brim is so sharp!

  8. Well, since you asked… LOL!

    I agree that the king’s hat does seem a bit small. The bottom of the brim is supposed to be the width of one finger above the top of the ear. I’m pretty sure that, unless the king has some mighty thick fingers, there is enough room for about 3 fingers. The crown prince’s hat is sized well but it looks to be a newer hat and the crown could be taller which I believe would give it more gravitas. I’m pretty sure neither of these hats are silk but, rather, newer hats.

    BTW, speaking of silk hats – I’ve seen that Royal Ascot will have new and larger retail shops at the meeting with much more merchandise. Included in their offerings are “silk top hats.” Unfortunately I’m not attending this year so I can’t investigate first-hand but I’m a bit suspicious that they will be selling actual silk toppers (every time I’ve attended they’ve had a few antique silk hats but very limited supply and astronomical prices). That said, I’m very interested in exactly what they are selling.

      • I totally see what you’re saying regarding the sheen on the prince’s hat. But it isn’t a sheen like one sees on the antique, heavy silk plush that was used on hats 100 years ago. It isn’t felt though, that’s for sure (the king’s hat looks like a basic felt hat one could buy at Moss Bros.) If you look at the first photo at the top of the page, the top of the prince’s hat is very flat looking, in other words, it doesn’t have the nap that is found on the silk plush that was used. But it does have a nice bell shape to the crown and the corner of the crown and top is crisp. So maybe his hat is silk in the sense that it has a silk cloth final covering but not silk plush as one would usually refer to an antique topper. This exact question is why I’m really curious what type of hats are going to be sold at Royal Ascot in their shops.

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