Dutch Royals Welcome Guests From Mozambique & Qatar

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima rolled out the red carpet this morning at Palace Noordeinde in The Hague to welcome President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique and his wife Isaura Nyusi on a visit to the Netherlands. For this official welcome, Queen Máxima repeated her beige straw moulded turban. While not my favourite of shapes, this hat’s styling- with Máxima’s hair down, a vibrant Roksanda dress and diamond jewels- is spot on. I think the bell sleeves of this dress required a brimless hat for this ensemble to balance and this one fits the bill.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: La Condesa design from Eudia. Dress by Roksanda
Previously Worn: May 1, 2015

This afternoon Queen Máxima was joined by Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar for the Seminar On Protection & Education In Conflict Zones at the The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Sheikha Moza, who gave the keynote speech at the conference, wore a voluminous pale pink turban. This retro design is not for the faint of heart and Moza carries it well. It’s an interesting piece of millinery that meets both the dress requirements of her religion and Moza’s well known love of couture.

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 Thoughts on this pair of turbans today in The Hague?
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23 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Welcome Guests From Mozambique & Qatar

  1. Lordy, those pneumatic sleeves on Maxima’s dress look like a pair of “floaties” that have slipped down. Or like a pair of mini airbags. I can hardly tear my eyes away.
    HQ, thanks for reminding us about Maxima’s similar green shantung dress. That one works better I believe for 2 reasons:
    1. The green bell sleeves are not reinforced with backing. The unstiffened green shantung is flexible and folds nicely when Maxima bends her elbows. However the sleeves of the blue ?wool crepe? dress are so immovable they seem to be stiffened with neoprene.
    2. Unlike wool crepe which absorbs light, the green shantung reflects light all over and creates a surface with visual interest — which gives the eye other aspects to linger on apart from the sleeves.
    But whatever my misgivings about those floaties, I really like the beige turban, and more so than that the last time it appeared. I agree HQ, that it’s a perfect choice with bell sleeves, and I love the effect with Maxima’s hair worn down.
    As for Sheika Moza, she totally owns turbans, so as expected, this one is perfect. My only quibble is the unflattering colour. Baby pink (indeed all pale pastel tints) makes her gorgeous complexion look thick, over-madeup and muddy, as if she is wearing fake tan. A stronger pink would suit her colouring much better.

  2. Queen Máxima’s outfit is beautifully coordinated, but I can’t imagine why someone chose beige as the accent color for the vibrant blue. I think almost any other color for the remainder of the outfit (including the underside of the bell sleeves, of course) would have been preferable. As always, a beige turban over Queen Máxima’s hat is just not attractive.
    The Sheikha Moza’s whole outfit, on the other hand, is phenomenal. It’s hard to out-do Máxima, but the Sheikha did it today.

    • Interesting- with the pale pink lining on the sleeves, I think beige was exactly the right colour for a hat to pair with the dress. I really think a hat in a colour would have been overkill. As much as I love hats, I think this outfit is all about the dress and the hat needs to compliment, not compete.

      • Pale pink to match the sleeves or maybe soft silver, like the infamous double-U hat? I’m imagining a pillbox or calot instead of a turban.

  3. I like Queen Maxima’s bell sleeved dresses. They are quite in keeping with her dramatic style which always makes me smile. I also think the pinkish beige accessories go well with the pink lining of her dress. Maxima often wears blue and beige or blue and tan so that combo doesn’t surprise me. I do prefer the pillbox she wore with the green dress, just because I like the shape of it, and I don’t like the cone shape of either her current hat or Sheika Moza’s turban. I’m with Janae on that — too many negative/comedic associations with the cone shape.

  4. I love the blue dress, she’s got this in other colours and I’m a sucker for its drama. Not keen on the phallic hat, but my thoughts have been made on that before! However, Máx does look fabulous as ever.

    Mozha looks amazing – like always.

  5. Sheikha Moza looks fabulous, as always. I liked Queen Maxima’s jewelry, but not the hat or the dress. No, just no. I hate the sleeves, and I hate the hat. The blue color is beautiful on her, but the dress itself does not do it.

  6. At first, I didn’t even notice Max was wearing a hat because all I could see was those sleeves. Her turban blends too much with her hair. Maybe if she was doing a monochromatic look in camel, it might work. As it is, just No!

    • Interesting. I’m curious, everyone- why is today’s look so unpopular but this look (with another neutral beige hat and dress with very similar bell sleeves) back in February was widely praised? They seem very similar in feel to me.
      Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

      • I don’t absolutely hate today’s combination, but the beige with the brilliant blue doesn’t work for me. Maybe Maxima was trying to match the color of the sleeve lining? The beige in the February outing goes better with the softer color of the dress. I wondered at first whether Max chose the turban as a nod to her guest, but apparently she didn’t wear it for that long.

      • I agree that the problem with the hat today isn’t the color it’s the shape. The shape just isn’t attractive. The hat with the paler blue dress above is much better.

      • I’m not a huge fan of either ensemble, but prefer the February look. I think the beige works better with the muted color than it does with the bright royal blue.

  7. The color of Queen Maxima’s turban is too close to the color of the Queen’s hair to actually appear as a hat at all. I am not very fond of those belled sleeves but I suspect a hat, even a turban, of another color would have improved the appearance of the dress. As it is, this dress comes close to wearing the queen. Sheikha Moza’s hat is much more successful–its shape, size, and color enhance the sheikha’s very stylish appearance.

  8. QMaxima looks lovely in the turban and dress, but I really like her without it.

    NOBODY rocks a turban like the fierce Sheikha Moza! She’s so chic it hurts!

  9. I disagree and think a brimmed hat would add more balance; to me, the large cuffs, combined with her hair down and the structured turban, make quite a triangle in my opinion. I hate the hat, but like everything else she’s wearing.

    Sheikha Moza looks fabulous in this outfit and turban!

  10. I’m so sorry, I love the turban on Sheikha Moza, and I love QMax’s dress, but I hate her hat. There are very few hats that make me feel such negative feelings towards millinery, but that is one of them.

  11. I like Moza’s turban, but not Max’s – Interesting that Max removed her hat for the afternoon. Those sleeves on Max’s dress would drive me nuts! I had a dress with huge belled sleeves like that in the 60s, and they got in the way of everything!

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