British Royals Attend Society Wedding

Several members of the British royal family attended the wedding of James Matthews and Phillipa Middleton today at St.Mark’s Church in Englefield Green. The Duchess of Cambridge used her sister’s wedding to debut a new hat. In the same pale dusky pink as her silk dress, the percher design is built on a flat straw base and features a large crin saucer brim with back fluted pleat with a silk rose and ribbon twists for trim. The scale is lovely on Kate and the hat and dress combine to make a textbook example of monochrome dressing done right. The colour might be a little blergh but it works well on Kate (and is not surprising at an event where I suspect she may prefer to remain in the background).

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie  wore what the milliner describes as a “sinamay straw pillbox with abaca silk bow detail”. While the simple hat is lovely and allowed her dress and shoes to shine, I would have preferred a more modern hat with this statement shouldered dress.

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Designer:  Bow Detail Pillbox from Juliette Botterrill Millinery SS 2017. Dress by Paule Ka
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Gabriella Windsor wore a cream straw hat with pinched crown and raise brim on one side, trimmed with a bouquet of white silk roses and slim bow loops. The brim is slightly smaller than Gabriella usually wears but is balanced beautifully, thanks to those unusual crown pinches. It’s a great look for her.

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Designer: OC 300 from SS 2017 by Philip Treacy. Dress and jacket from Catherine Walker
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Many a camera lens zoomed in on Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who wore a sweet circlet of flowers in her hair.

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The bride’s veil was made by Stephen Jones while her delicate tiara and glittering hairpin(which anchored her veil on the back of her head) are from Robinson Pelham. Carole Middleton topped her pale pink Catherine Walker coat dress with a hat in the same hue with diagonal brim and silk abacca bow trim (the Twist Detail Upturn from Juliette Botterill). The groom’s mother, Jane Matthews, wore a pale mist green structured beret percher trimmed with coordinating feathers. 
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 All in all, a lovely trio of royal hats at this wedding, don’t you agree?
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23 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Society Wedding

  1. Everyone looked so lovely and happy! I like all the hats, especially the mums. I wonder, would Princess Eugenie’s outfit have coordinated with that blue and orange hat that her sister wore to Royal Ascot one year? Do you remember the one I mean? It had a flat brim in one color and small square crown in the contrasting color, iirc.

    • Are you referring to one of these?

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  2. Loved Catherine’s hat and dress, but the bust darts were not done well.

    I did not care for PEugenie’s hat, but the dress and shoes are amazing.

    Nice hat on Lady Gabriella, but her skirt is WAAAAY too short! its length needed to be just above or at her knee.

    I liked Mrs. Middleton’s hat, but I thought her dress was rather casual. The groom’s mother’s hat was nice.

  3. The DoC’s hat was one of her standard styles, but I thought the shape and trim were exceptionally pretty. It looks interesting from all angles and complements her dress so well.

  4. I kept wondering if Kate would repeat or break out a new hat; personally I’m glad there was a new hat, and the color and shape were beautiful for her. I didn’t care for the color of her dress at all (blends in with her skin tone too much), and I think navy would’ve been a nice contrast; of course I assume the chosen color was because of her part in the wedding.

    Overall Eugenie looked great, but as @sandra said, I wish orange had shown up in her hat somehow (although if that was the case, I think a different hat would’ve been better, like a white cocktail hat with a navy feather and orange feather).

    Gabriella always shows off Treacy hats so well, and this is no exception! It’s good to see her out again since we rarely see her nowadays (at least in a hat!).

    Pippa, of course, was absolutely stunning, and Carole and Jane both looked excellent in their hats and ensembles. I will say I was slightly disappointed to see so much muted colors with the hats at this wedding, but perhaps that was because everyone knew it was to be one of the biggest society weddings of the year and didn’t want to distract from the bride (although doubtful that was gonna happen).

    Finally, very jealous Pippa got to arrive in that 1951 Jaguar! Would love to take a ride in that!

  5. Late catch-up of wedding news- been away for the weekend. Lovely wedding by the looks of things and Pippa’s dress so elegant and simple. I just have to say that I think the Duchess looks absolutely gorgeous and her hat, well the best I have ever seen her wearing. Truly, it is sublime and looks absolutely beautiful with her kinda boho McQueen dress. The size/scale of the hat is just the best on Kate and I just love that crin stuff and the blush colour. The placement is great, the undo very elegant and the rose is scrummy. Just so lovely and very her. I think she looks very happy for little sis. Lady Gabriella, as usual can wear these big hats with poise, panache and confident style. I think Donna Air looks good too, hat and dress well combined. Thanks HQ.

  6. I thought the color of the Duchess of Cambridge’s ensemble was perfectly chosen, both in terms of how flattering it was to her, and also in terms of how beautifully it matched the sashes of the little bridesmaid’s gowns. The rose on her hat looked as if it had been plucked from among those on the church. Lovely. The bride (and nearly everybody else) looked wonderful, and the photos of the duchess arranging her sister’s train and talking with Princess Charlotte were adorable. Thanks for a great posting!

  7. A really beautiful English summer wedding. I loved Pippa’s dress, so beautiful. I really loved Kate’s look as well, quite unexpected for her, very soft and floaty, with a retro feel. I liked he large scale of her hat too.

    Eugenie was dressed so well, really flattering shape on her. And Gabriella looks elegant as ever.

  8. I really like how all the royal ladies, as well as Carole Middleton and Jane Matthews, were dressed in muted colours, as not to distract from the gorgeous bride (whose dress I must admit grew on me, the tailoring is sublime).

    I loved Kate’s blush pink McQueen dress (very 80s revival) and thought her Jane Taylor percher hat was beautifully in proportion, the colour really suited her. The shape and structure of Lady Gabriella’s Philip Treacy hat and Jane Matthew’s pale green percher hat, were fabulous too.

    Hat ID for Carole Middleton’s hat – is @juliettemillinery

    Although not royal, I also really liked James Middleton’s girlfriend, Donna Air’s Jane Taylor cocktail hat @jtmillinery and @emiliawickstead dress too.
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    Embed from Getty Images

  9. The bride looked gorgeous, what a lovely dress! Kate’s hat is a winner but I don’t like her dress at all (it’s not the colour so much as the matronly style), Eugenie looks lovely and I only wish that the pop of orange from her shoes had also appeared in her hat. Gabriella has also done well, she seems to have an innate sense of style (slightly longer skirt is all). Both mothers are charming. Well done all.

    • I wondered if anyone else noticed his socks. I actually rather like the socks, it is the shoe selection that bothers me – loafers with morning attire is not appropriate.

      Couple of other notes about the men in attendance – I saw one (ONE!) top hat in all the photos I’ve seen, and never saw the hat actually on his head. Come on gents! Also, lots of houndstooth check pants on the gents, rather than the usual cashmere stripe (see James Middleton, e.g.) – nice touch.

      • Yes, I think you’re right. It’s the shoes that are the problem, not the socks. I loved the men in tartan trews, very snappy and a good alternative if you don’t want to wear a kilt but do want to flash the Scottish connection.

  10. I think all three hats on the royal ladies are great (and the two mothers’ hats as well, in fact). Kate’s, Eugenie’s and Gabriella’s are all such different styles, but all very attractive. I personally like Eugenie’s simple pillbox very much, I think the whole outfit has an elegant simpllcity, perhaps even too plain (I wouldn’t change the hat, though, I’d probably add something in the way of jewellery). I can imagine that dress with any number of hats – perhaps we’ll see it paired differently in future (and indeed the hat paired with other dresses). I love Kate’s hat, it’s a perfect summery wedding hat, complete with flower.

  11. Terrific hats. A special mention to mother of the groom Jane Matthews for that mist green percher, which reminds me of a feathered glengarry except in straw, worn with bottle green accessories and flared sleeve coat dress. Modern and lovely.

  12. Lovely hats all around. My favorites in this order: Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Matthews, Lady Gabriella, Duchess Kate, Princess Eugenie. What a beautiful event with a glowing bridal couple, gorgeous flowers, and all those adorable children!

  13. Thanks for getting this out so quickly.
    The hats were all lovely. I thought little Charlottes floral headpiece was just adorable.

  14. In general the hats were lovely. The duchess looked beautiful, and Mrs Middleton does such a fabulous job as mother of the bride. She is so elegant and is never over or under done. The only miss for me was Beatrice. While I liked the hat, it just didn’t go well with the dress. Lady Gabriella looked amazing. All in all, a lovely family wedding. The bride was beautiful, and it was a perfect day for a wedding.

  15. I love Lady Windsor’s hat! The shade of pinky/beige Kate wore is rather odd, but she seemed to pull it off OK – most would look dead in that shade.

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