Trooping the Colour 2017: The Waleses & Cambridges

As in years past, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge took part in Trooping the Colour today, riding in the military parade. The Prince of Wales, who is Colonel of the Welsh Guards, wore a scarlet tunic and bearskin hat with the striped green and white plume associated with this regiment while Prince William wore the uniform of his rank as Colonel of the Irish Guards complete with the regiment’s distinctive St. Patrick’s blue plume.

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The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her ivory straw hat with asymmetrically peaked crown and a wide, gently upswept brim trimmed in multiple layers of sand coloured straw ribbon wrapped around the base of the crown and looped into a side stylized bow. It’s a beautiful hat on Camilla, who certainly knows how to pull of a head-to-hem cream ensemble with aplomb.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn:
June 15, 2016June 17, 2015June 6, 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge débuted a vibrant new cocktail percher hat with moulded pink straw button base trimmed in draped and looped bows in three layers of crin, each in a different shade of pink. This cascading crin bow trim gives wonderful movement and drama to the piece and the contrasting colours (especially the darker plum) lends depth and punchy contrast. Not everyone can wear a percher in Pepto-Bismol pink but Kate carries it, beautifully. 

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It looks like a bespoke version of the ‘Seriatoporah’ from SS 2017
Previously Worn:this hat is new

Prince Harry wore the uniform and cap in his rank as Captain of The Blues and Royals.

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I think both Duchesses knocked it out of the park with their hats today- what do you think of these picture and percher hats?

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18 thoughts on “Trooping the Colour 2017: The Waleses & Cambridges

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  2. Kate looks lovely indeed. The hat is not positioned too far forward and her hair is stunning. She definitely knows how to use color effectively and to coordinate what George and Charlotte wear. Except for when she is standing next to William who is wearing red they are “in the pink” as a family.

    I do like Camilla’s hat but it is true she does wear a lot of cream. Color might be a nice change.

    Charles, William, Anne and Harry look fantastic in their uniforms. I don’t know how they manage to see or support those large bearskins? Does Harry ever ride as Charles, William and Anne do?

  3. Always glad to see a hat worn with conviction, as Camilla does without fail. I tend to think larger is often better in terms of hats, but Kate’s pink hat is one of the very best of its size I’ve ever seen. Beautifully made, beautifully proportioned, and very elegant, with the varying trim colour dimension adding the necessary edge to take it to a higher level.

  4. Excellent new hat for the Duchess of Cambridge. The contrast in those wonderful swirls and the creases in the front of the hat make it extra special. One thing I have learned to appreciate as I’ve followed this blog is a hat that looks good from all angles, and the back of this is particularly interesting. I’d love to see this one worn with a dress in one of the accent colors — maybe plum?

  5. I LOVE the Duchess of Cambridge’s complete outfit! Hair (love the updo), diamond earrings, custom-made dress and THAT HAT! She just outshines everyone EXCEPT the Queen, of course, who looks lovely in that icy blue color. I also love the placement of the duchess’s hat; over the right eyebrow is perfect. The Prince of Wales and Prince William looked very smart in their covers (military for hats) and I’m glad that Prince Philip chose to wear morning wear with a beautiful silk top hat instead of a hot wool uniform. He never fails to dress to impress. And let’s not forget Prince Harry. Looking good even with the beard. I’m hoping that his romance flourishes and perhaps we can, one day, see how Miss Meghan looks in a beautiful royal hat. Thank you HatQueen. Well done!

  6. At the risk of going OTT….I love the Duchess of Cambridges outfit today!! I think she looks absolutely stunning. The colour and fit and simplicity of that lovely dress…did I mention the colour.. and then the beautifully created, soft, interesting, elegant percher with the lovely gentle swirl of contrasting colours. It is an exquisite piece of millinery made with such love and attention I feel. Have you ever done a feature on Jane Taylor HQ. I think theres a couple of Janes isnt there?? This really is one of the Duchess’s best ensembles IMO but I am not surprised, she is a class act. Thanks. Oh and did I mention that beautiful pink…. Sublime.

  7. Camilla looks great; I love the simple lines of this hat with the swirls of the trim, and the white certainly would’ve helped with the day’s heat (although Londoners need to come to D.C. if they want to experience some real summer heat and humidity haha). I do hope today’s outing guarantees this hat won’t be repeated for Ascot.

    I think this is one of Kate’s best hats in a while, but I could be biased because of so much color! This one is beautiful, and the rose pink is an excellent choice for her (and it goes so well with Charlotte’s dress). Since there was hints of purple in this hat’s trim, it now makes me want to see something in all purple on her! Brava!

    It’s interesting how some years we see Harry in morning attire and a top hat, and other years he’s in military regalia. Either way he looks great!

  8. Gorgeous hats, and the Royal ladies looked wonderful. The percher style is especially good on Kate when she wears her hair in this style. She looks very elegant and beautiful.

  9. Both duchesses’ hats are gorgeous, although I too wish that the Duchess of Cornwall would wear colors. Nonetheless, the cream hat is beautiful, and the slightly darker bowenhances the interesting collar on her coat.
    I love the Duchess of Cambridge’s pink hat. The third and fourth pictures particularly show its intricate design and contrasting colors. Her dress is elegant, and she’s getting quite adept at various hair styles that enhance her look.
    The gentlemen look well turned out today too. Well done, all around!

  10. I love Camilla in a big hat and this one is wonderful. Kate in carnation pink is stunning! And sweet Charlotte in a coordinating smocked dress – it’s the (pink) icing on the cake!

  11. I love the Duchess of Cambridge in pink and I think the hat was perfect especially when Charlotte was added to her hip in a pink or red? dotted dress. The Duchess of Cornwall looked fine and I love her hat, but I am still waiting for more color from her. (I may be waiting long time!)

    • I agree. I get it, she has a standard look and although the big hats and all kind of is unnassuming in her same-ness. Maybe that is the plan. But I would love to see her in other stuff.

  12. I’ll [almost] repeat Sharon’s comment, that the hats are [indeed] gorgeous. You had me, HatQueen, with your reference to “Pepto Bismal pink”, because I have a daughter’s bedroom painted that colour that I loathe! Somehow hadn’t connected the D of Cambridge’s to indigestion! D of Cornwall looks particularly lovely in her repeat hat.

  13. I agree, the hats are gorgeous today. I particularly love the Duchess of Cambridge’s pink percher. Very elegant.

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