Queen Presents Polo Cup

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended the Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo final at Guards Polo Club yesterday afternoon. Queen Elizabeth repeated her pale lavender straw hat with diagonal crown and short brim trimmed with slim bands of straw in orange, pink and lime wrapped around the base off the crown as a hatband and curled into a tutti frutti side bow. The multi coloured, multi-looped bow is studded with matching orange, pink and lime feathers and the hat is finished wtih two long lavender feather quills. It’s a rather fun and wacky hat that coordinates wonderfully with its matching floral dress (the accompanying coat is a bit of a disaster). We can thank the heat wave in southern England this week for leaving the coat out of the picture yesterday, something the ensemble benefits from, greatly.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 4, 2014June 11, 2010; June 19, 2009
After a string of blue hats worn to recent events, it’s so nice to see Her Majesty in some bright colour. What do you think of this hat at Smith’s Lawn yesterday? And any more predictions for what colour hat we’ll see on the Queen tomorrow?
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20 thoughts on “Queen Presents Polo Cup

  1. I think this one is a lot of fun, although I could do with less of a slope in the crown. Very fresh, almost tropical, color combination.

  2. HM looks lovely! It is nice to see the dress that is usually hidden under the coat. While I understand a solid, bright colored coat is best to show off the Queen’s jewels and so she can be seen, it is a nice change. I love the hat ,it is whimsical and fun and happy especially after recent events.

    I also love the photo of the Duke driving the two of them. I am constantly happy to see them both living wonderfully full and active lives at their ages!

  3. Terrific outfit. I mostly think of unusual colour combinations as Queen Maxima’s territory, so it’s quite thrilling to see such a combination so perfectly executed by HM.
    I’m delighted too that this coatless outfit looks so well. The 3-strand pearl necklace is, for once, fully visible, so we can see how it contributes to framing her face with the help of the hat and earrings. The bracelet-length sleeves of the dress are an always-flattering change from the usual full-length sleeves, and add a touch of emphasis and drama to the gloves.
    Sometimes I am a little bored with HM’s day dresses all being so one-note; but I do understand that a simple dress allows the hat to take pride of place. Which the hat certainly does here, elevating the formula dress with its spark and liveliness.

  4. She looks FAB in the dress and hat (the solid color should have been the dress and the coat out of the print). The Queen always looks her best in bright, clear clean color.

  5. When I saw this yesterday, I was not a fan, but now upon revisiting it, I appreciate it more. I agree that sans coat is a much better choice, but I still find the color combo a bit odd, especially the citrus yellow-green. I like the trend she is on recently, of bringing out more of the older hats to show off again, and hope it continues, while throwing in a few new ones once in a while.

  6. the accompanying coat is a bit of a disaster … is a bit of an understatement when I went and looked!

    Like the hat, like the colours, wish the dress fabric wasn’t quite as LOUD. The hat would look fab with a single-colour dress.

    I daresay the Queen has all her Ascot outfits well and truly chosen and laid on several spare beds, but I wonder if she will take account of the heat and wear a light, fresh colour – back to the ice blue that suits her so well, or a green. Camilla in cream, I reckon. Anne? You’d have to be snake-bit mad to bet on what she might turn out in. 🙂 (I love her to pieces and can’t wait for the extravaganza to unfold.)

    Best wishes HQ for a fun and hassle-free Ascot!

  7. I love the vibrant colors of this outfit (and the wonderfully effervescent hat!), but I can’t say I am much fonder of the design of the dress than I am of that coat! A very cheerful ensemble, nonetheless.

  8. MrFitzroy finds this hat with just the dress — sans the badly cut coat, to be remarkable and charming, altogether delightful….quite a change of opinion over the previous impression of this particular hat en ensemble…

    As far as HM first day of Ascot color…..MrFitzroy predicts it will be one of the colors represented in this hat, or in the dress….that should just about cover every conceivable shade aside from Emerald green, or black.
    Here’s to an exciting next few days ahead.
    PS, ChicagoChuck’s previous writings are just as much a delight on re-read as they were the first time.
    HatQueen you have a busy few days ahead, we all salute you and hope you have lots of lovely tea and fancy cakes to sustain you….or perhaps something stronger!! Cheers All.

  9. Not one of my favorites but I like the description of “tutti-frutti” side bow and the colors all go well with the dress. The Queen even has her diamond brooch pinned on but you can’t see much of it against the exuberant fabric design! I’m going to vote that she wears a shade of pink or coral for the first day of Ascot tomorrow.

  10. I’m not usually a fan of this hat style but for some reason this hat strikes my fancy. It is so exuberantly cheerful. And it suits the dress so well.

  11. My goodness! There must be a heat wave in the U.K. for HM to be without matching coat for at least journeys to and from events. I like the hat and dress combo; very cheerful.
    Have to comment on Prince Philip at the wheel of the car!

  12. I agree the hat and the dress are very charmante together, while the coat is not well combined . The was lovely in this flower dress.

  13. It seems the Queen wears her hats squarely on her head, and not on an angle, but the diagonal crown can give that impression. So perhaps this crown is worn to add variety to her look. (Did she wear hats at an angle when she was younger?)
    I certainly enjoy the variety of the Queen’s hats, much more than the wide, round ring-hats of Queen (now Princess) Beatrix.
    This hat is delightful, colorful fun and I agree with everyone else, how nice it is to see the dress that marries so well with it.

    • I appreciate your perspective but what exactly makes this hat horrible? How might it be improved?

      EVERYONE- please remember that we are commenting on something that was made by one person and is worn by another. These people deserve much more than single word insults thrown at them.

  14. Glad not to see that baggy coat, the dress worn alone with this hat works well.

    It’s like she’s got a carnival on her head! Although it is heavily trimmed it’s done with the right amount of fun and whimsy and works well for a fun engagement.

  15. Love the shade of this hat and the adornment – but the shape is something I’ll never learn to love! I vote for either yellow or white on HM tomorrow.

  16. It is too bad that the UK is having a heat wave, but I agree totally that it was so nice to see this dress without that awful coat The dress is extraordinarily colorful, the hat equally. Since the Queen has so many lavender dresses with floral motifs, it was nice to one complete dress with its hat. I think that this hat is totally appropriate for this dress.

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