Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Earl & Countess of Wessex

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats The Countess of Wessex brought some much needed colour to the British Royal delegation today in a vibrant green dress topped with a natural straw hat. The saucer hat features an open weave brim and is trimmed with black straw twists on both the top and underside of the piece. The Earl repeated his black silk top hat.

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2017-06-20 Ascot 250

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress by Emilia Wickstead
Previously Worn: this hat is new  

The Wessexes rode in the same carriage as the Cambridges today and it looks like Sophie lost her footing (something undoubtedly easy to do) as she climbed into the carriage. The resulting photos are charming.

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35 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Earl & Countess of Wessex

  1. I love this hat no contest, the open weave is no original! It even sits on her head. I actually like the dress and the necklace though I did wonder at the weight of the fabric. Another question….would a green ribbon on the hat been too much green or would it have been unifying to the color scheme?

  2. The best part of Sophie today was seeing her fall on to the DofC. So funny. I think she looks……..not the best.

  3. I love everything about this look, this was my favorite of the day! I adore the natural straw with her green dress and the simplicity of the trim against the pattern is perfect. Stunning!

    • We’ve seen much pale colour from the British royals today and at Trooping the Colour over the weekend- that probably makes this green dress stand out even more in comparison! The only qualm I have about this ensemble is the dress length- the rest (especially the hat) is fantastic.

  4. As an aside to my earlier comment – I’d like to have seen the green shoes worn by Mrs Mathews (mother of the groom) at Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

  5. I love this hat without reservation and her hair is beautifully styled (Eugenie take note!). But the dress – such heavy fabric, far too long and it simply doesn’t fit. I don’t know about losing her footing as she climbed into the carriage I think she was probably fainting from heat for wearing fabric that looks as heavy as a wool blanket!

  6. I agree that black accessories (shoes, bag) would have made the outfit pop. Don’t understand the earring choice. But, the hat, choice of dress / dress color are perfect! The lines of the dress are lovely.

  7. It’s nice to see Sophie back again after her odd absence from Trooping the Colour. Overall this is one of the best ensembles of the day. The shape and size of this hat suit Sophie very well, and the natural and black hat contrast excellently against her emerald dress. My complaints about the hat are: I’m not so big on the rough weave and look of the straw on this hat, and the black loops under the brim are unnecessary IMO; the ones on top are perfect though! I also find the neckline of the dress to be a little wide, and I think black shoes would’ve been better to tie in the hat a bit more.

  8. Outstanding Sophie, best hat of the day!
    And how lovely to see a dress that looks as if it were chosen to show off this striking hat.The wide, open and deep neckline doesn’t crowd the hat, and makes it look more “lifted”. The tapered midi-length skirt, and tapered 3/4 sleeves are flattering and timelessly elegant – this dress could be from the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s quite as much as the present day
    Too bad that the dress fabric creased – and it probaby felt hot on the day; but i still applaud the concept of a luxurious, retro, heavier texture which is rarely seem these days, likewise the unusual persian green colour.

  9. Best of the day for me. I always like a larger hat, especially when it’s so hot and sunny and the contrast of the amber earrings with the green adds interest.

  10. Love love love love Sophie’s hat! Not too sure about the dress, the idea is there but the execution has failed. But then I think that about most of Emilia Wickstead’s stuff. I don’t love the accessories either or at least not together.

  11. Again Sophie’s hat is one of my favorites today, and I like it paired with the green dress but the overall styling with the accessories looks off to me which is very unusual for Sophie. I like the contrast of the black twists on the hat but think the outfit would have looked better styled with black shoes and a purse and matching or at least coordinating jewelry. I think the earrings she is wearing were a gift from a country she visited and there may be a matching pendant?

  12. Love it! Unusual and so classic at the same time. I like the black detail. I think it ties nicely with shoes and brings entire outfit together. I agree, green would be too matchy and would limit its pairing with other outfits. And I do hope to see more of this great hat.

  13. I love this embellished straw hat. It looks cool and breezy in that heat.
    The funny thing is, it’s such a biscuit color that I keep imagining that someone on the Great British Bake Off made it out of dough!

  14. This is a mostly winning outfit for me, especially because the elements go so well together without matching exactly. First off, I love the open yet modest décolletage to showcase the jade pendant (which goes with the green dress obviously). Then the hat: natural straw always says summer to me; the style of the hat is oriental (to go with the pendant); the simple black twist could be an ikebana design in its spare simplicity. Countess Sophie’s hair is a particularly nice twisted updo. The earrings I’ll have to say are the element of unexpected, but I’m not too bothered by them. The only thing I’d change is the length of the dress; I think below the knee is more flattering than mid calf. But then we are about the hat, and that is super, worn just right. The cap like part makes it seem snugly attached. The open weave is unusual and attractive. The trim repeated underneath is a nice surprise for the view from the back. The whole outfit is classic and elegant yet fresh and modern, all without seeming to try too hard. That can’t be easy to achieve.

    • Yes, yes, and yes.

      I would just add that I don’t know why Sophie seems to favor these thick, textured fabrics. The dress was great, but I would have liked a lighter fabric.

      • I would guess there’s less chance of a wardrobe malfunction (blowing skirt, inadvertent transparency, weird undergarment lines, etc.).

  15. Sophie’s such a glamour puss, she makes it look easy. Love the hat – perfect for a full-on summer day – and her dress is great (hope she’s got sunblock on her cleavage!) and a fantastic colour on her. Also love the jade pendant, but what her shame her earrings aren’t green jade also; they look odd as they don’t seem to tie in with anything else.

  16. This may be my favorite of the day. I like the look of the open weave, and she’s wearing it at just the right angle.

    Great recovery by both the Countess and the Duchess!

  17. I love the look of the strong, precision weave of this hat. It beautifully demonstrates the art and skill involved.

  18. The Countess of Wessex has a fabulous hat, although I wish the straw twist were straw colored or green. Nonetheless, it’s an elegant hat, and she looks elegant in it.

  19. Favourite hat of the day, just stunning. I’m not 100% on the dress, but it’s a good foil for the dress I guess. Sophie does larger hats so well, she really gets it right time and again, looking elegant but still really fun.

  20. I love Sophie’s current style and this is typical, it’s beautiful. Colour of dress , style and colours in hat , everything. The only thing that jars for me is that amber earrings z plain silver would be nicer or center pearls. But overall, love it

  21. Gorgeous hat, gorgeous dress. The Countess nailed it. Best dressed on Day 1 for me.

    Fun photos in the carriage 🙂

  22. The green is a lovely shade on her, and looks well with the hat. I loved the pictures of her and Kate in the carriage. They were delightful.

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