Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Princess Beatrice

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Beatrice wore a new hat, her first from the Goldust Millinery label. Described by the designer as “made from a blush pink butter soft nappa leather base, this elegant cocktail hat is embellished with a single organza hydrangea flower, ombre dyed to display a burst of vanilla and rose tones. The pretty wire stamens are topped with delicate pink Swarovski crystals reflecting an abundance of light.”  These photos don’t seem to do this hat justice- I’ll update with better ones as soon as they are available.

2017-06-20 Ascot 250

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Goldust Millinery. It is Look 3 from SS 2017. Claire Mischevani Jardin dress
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Goldust Millinery Look 3 SS 2017 | Royal Hats
Photos from Getty as indicated; Samir Hussein via Getty and Goldust Millinery

23 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Princess Beatrice

  1. I like the hat, it is simple and pretty and goes well with her dress. I will agree it looks like a warm outfit because of its long sleeves and one other quibble….I think it might look better with her hair in a chignon.

  2. SO CUTE. I liked the hat and when I read it was leather LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also love it with the dress. So edgy!

  3. I really like both the dress and the hat…just not together, and not for this hot day outside! The dress would be perfect for a cool, drizzly garden party, or an indoor event, worn with a larger, less trimmed hat. The hat is darling, but would look better with a less embellished dress. I hope both pieces find their proper mates!

  4. Well, this is certainly a statement dress, and perhaps Beatrice couldn’t wait to wear it, despite the weather.
    However I am not sure why Beatrice has paired it with a dainty little cocktail hat. Sophie of Wessex (who I can also imagine wearing this dress – or Duchess Catherine) would pair it with a hat either taller or wider – to balance out the width of the maxi-skirt, and the widening effect of the full-length sleeves.
    The other problem with the hat is that the hydrangea tends to put the outfit into “flower overload”. It is very tricky indeed to add flower trim to a hat when there is already so much overt trim on the dress. Just block out the flower in the above pics, and the hat’s “cocktail beret” appearance is immediately more modern and interesting.
    However, this hat is very sweet and lovely, and would be perfect for a beginner hat-wearer.

  5. The hat is a very nice one for Beatrice, although a little more subdued than usual for her at Ascot. Definitely agree it deserves a repeat (Buckingham Palace garden party?), but with a completely different outfit. The sleeves are what ruin this dress for me; I think three-quarter sleeves and no puffy shoulders à la 1980s would’ve helped improve things a lot.

  6. This hat is very pretty! But leather seems an odd choice for a summery looking hat. Then again, the designer made a leather hat look summery so there’s some talent there 😀 Doesn’t Bea have another leather percher/button hat, a navy blue one? The dress is cute, but as others have said it’s very heavy looking with the full skirt and long sleeves.

  7. The hat is beautiful, just too small. Maybe if Bea would have worn her hair up, the look wouldn’t look so heavy for a hot June day.

  8. I think Princess Beatrice’s flower adorned hat and dress actually make for one of her more cohesive outfits, but I agree the dress looks too hot and heavy considering the weather and in comparison to what others are wearing. Also agree the dress overwhelms her petite frame.

  9. It’s such a beautiful hat. What a great hat for Beatrice to start off Ascot! It’s one of the best hats I’ve ever seen her wear.

  10. Going against the tide here as I rather like this dress. It’s feminine and pretty, although I feel the sleeves could be a tad shorter. The hat goes reasonably well with the dress but would have been nicer (IMHO) if the hydrangea had been blue, which is also a colour we see in nature. As it is, the colour of the hat doesn’t appear to particularly tie in with the colours on her dress. I like the idea of crystals being incorporated into the flower. Everything may have looked ‘cleaner’ if her hair had been taken into a bun or roll at the back of her head.

  11. Lovely cocktail hat! I’m so glad that the milliner resisted the urge to use any veiling. It is sleek and pretty as it is.

  12. What everyone else said about the overall look. The hat sounds luxurious. We don’t usually see hydrangeas on hats, but this one is very pretty. I like the little flashes of sparkle. I hope she repeats this one with another dress.

  13. Perhaps it’s the way the hair is styled, but I’m not feeling as much appreciation for the hat on Princess Beatrice as I do for it on the mannequin. I quite like her dress, although it does look quite hot.

  14. Agreement with everyone else: hat is good, dress not really. Dress fabric is interesting, though. If the fabric is not so heavy as it looks, perhaps it could be entirely recut: shorter, not so tight, shorter sleeves. If the fabric really is as heavy as it looks, well ….

  15. The hat is lovely but I agree that the dress overwhelms it. I do like the dress but perhaps with a much larger hat . However it must have been oh so hot in that dress today , Eugenie will have felt much comfier!

  16. Looks like everyone agrees with me. The dress swamps her, and it is so so hot here today, I am sure she must be baking. The hat is retry enough, but with a different dress.

  17. Nice hat – but the dress is way too heavy for this time of year — and I hear it’s been quite warm as well over there. She must have been roasting.

  18. The hat is very pretty but the dress she is wearing does not seem right for it – a light summery dress would have been better that the heavy “trussed-up” look of her chosen outfit.

  19. LOVE. It’s so modern and current. The hat is cute and the leather gives it some edge. One of the best hats of the day!

  20. The hat is charming and must be delightful in person. The dress looks like the 80s came back, and overwhelms her small frame. She’s quite lovely but the dress doesn’t do her justice.

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