Queen Máxima Opens Medical Congress

Queen Máxima attended the opening of the European Academy of Neurology Congress in Amsterdam this morning in a new, vibrant green headpiece.

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The headpiece is in dyed green banana fibre, draped and folded into a modified calot shape and anchored onto a wire frame (you can see bits of this base peeking through). Máxima has several similar designs in this shape and like the others, wears this headpiece on the crown of her head. From the front, the shape frames her face beautifully and I love the vibrant green accessories against her graphic black and white dress. It’s the back view that leaves me less enamoured with the piece- something not helped with Máxima’s messier-than-usual hairstyle.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: this hat is new
I love the colour of this piece- what do you think of it?
Photos from Getty as indicated

32 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Medical Congress

      • I don’t know what kind of BBQs you’re going to but if that’s the dress code, they are far fancier than what the BBQs I go to! I’d snap up this dress for work in an instant!

        • But this is just a plain and casual shift dress with over-egged sleeves – don’t people wear casual dresses to BBQs in Canada? We do here, as well as jeans, casual trousers, shorts etc.

  1. I love the combination of the loud black and white dress with the bright green accessories (shoes belt and earrings especially). This seems such a Max outfit. Two quibbles: first, I think the dress would be more successful a bit more fitted. It seems strangely floppy. Second, I really do not like that hat. It’s not the color, it’s the shape. I don’t care for this style of hat generally, and here I think a larger hat was called for to balance the large loud dress.

  2. I think this dress is going to look better differently styled. I hope the hat gets lost somewhere and takes the earrings along. I can see the shoes working with something else. Now to go let my retinas rest!

  3. Darn, now that Patsy said that the earrings remind her of Xmas tree ornaments, I can’t unsee it. But leaving aside their shiny metallic roundness – and the complexity of the lacing pattern on the shoes, which competes with the dress — I really like the intent of this outfit, with its perimeter of 6 sharp lime green accessories bordering a black-and-white centre. Very tropical!
    The fabric and colour of the hat are lovely, but I do wish the right hand side( Maxima’s right) extended further down – it seems short to me – and that the ends of the “banana leaves” at that point didn’t look so awkwardly rounded off – they seem lumpy and appearing to lift away from the head. If those aspects were fixed, I would adore this hat.

  4. The hat is too short on her right side, the shoes say evening wear but the dress is day wear, the earrings look like Christmas tree ornaments, what happened to her bun?, the belt should be black. I do love the green, white, black combo though.

  5. Err, definitely not one of Máxima’s best ensembles! I like the dress and the idea to pair it with green, but there are too many accessories in this particular shade of electric lime, and it creates a looks that is more distracting than pleasing; the shoes and the hat are the main culprits IMO. Regardless of the color, I’m still not a fan of this style of calot, and Máxima’s hair definitely looks messy, making things even worse. To fix this, I think a black medium-brimmed hat with some lime, black, and white trim would be a much better choice, along with black or black & white shoes. I think taking inspiration from this hat would be very beneficial. 😉
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Sorry Jake- we agree on many hats but not on this one! I think the lime trim on the black hat reads…well, old. I’d much rather have seen a plain black one on Maxima than something mixing the colours.

      Gosh- who knew a little green hat could be so polarizing!!

  6. I greatly admire Queen Maxima’s creativity and verve, in which she rightly places a lot of confidence. Unfortunately, once in a great while these traits lead her astray–and this is one of those times. I do love the colors in this outfit, but that’s it. It appears, though it may just be due to the photography, that the belt clashes badly with the other greens. The dress makes her legs look awkward, an effect probably enhanced by the green shoes, which visually shorten the leg. The hat is rather pretty from the front, but not from the back, as mentioned. The total effect is clunky. Not her best day, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  7. I get where she’s going…. but she should have known when to stop. One, okay maybe three too many green accessories here. The dress with one and neutrals would have been much better. And that hat is a bit messy I’ll give you that. Not one her best, still I love her commitment to a look and the fact she’s always having the BEST time!

  8. I agree with Hat Queen that a nicer hairdo, such as a full chignon, would have filled the void in the back and set this headpiece off to better advantage. I like the vibrant green and don’t mind the whole outfit; it’s one that Maxima can get away with when no one else could. She makes me smile and sometimes laugh– and how great is that!?

  9. A definite no from me on this sea monster kind of grippy thing on her head. Well, after the wonderful outfits in Italy we can’t have it all.

  10. This seems quite messy for Fabienne Delvigne! I don’t recall ever seeing the base before and the straw looks clumsily put together. Maybe the summer intern did this hat and Max wanted to give him or her a boost in confidence.

    I don’t mind the green with the black & white, that’s different. But there’s way too much going on with the focus-pulling pattern on the dress, the focus-pulling shoes, the fringe on the shawl, the big earrings, etc. Pare it down to the green hat and belt and leave everything else black and then it would be so much better.

  11. This is definitely a vibrant green and WOW on the shoes. I like the green against the black but I can’t say I am a fan of the hat shape and the shoes just add to the busyness of the whole outfit but not in a good way. No matter…. Maxima always always brings the vibrancy in her outfits and gives us something to talk about!!!

  12. I’m sorry but once I’ve read the bit about the banana fiber all I could see was two not ripe banana peels draped over a Queen’s head and now I can’t unsee that. Too much going on here, too much green, too many (IMO) clashing colors. The banana culotte and the shoes are enough green – maybe combine it with a simple orange or pink shift dress and opt for fitting neutral accessories.

  13. Color is nice and that’s all that I can say about this hat that is good. Also, way too many green accessories so that the outfit really suffers from all it’s coordination pieces. A black belt and black shoes would have been much better.

  14. I’m with Lesley. I don’t like much of what she’s wearing. I like the color of the hat, but not much else. This is a rare misstep for Maxima.

  15. Isn’t that funny, unlike Lesley, I liked it all. Only Maxima could get away with it, though! Hadn’t hear of bananas being used for fabric before.

  16. In general, I like these kinds of headpieces as an alternative to a hat. Their great difficulty is looking good from all angles, I admit. This one is very nice and does go well with her dress I think. I like the color and use of the banana fibre.

  17. She’s worn some ugly outfits, ugly hats, ugly shoes and ugly jewellery in the past and not always at once – but she hit the jackpot this time. I can find no redeeming feature for any part of this outfit. The hat looks like a pair of green slime hands creeping across her head. I’m certain none of this is cheap but it looks it – there is no style, finesse or elegance to be seen here.

    • Could not agree more. The dress and the shoes are fighting, they’re both too casual for the hat and there are way too many green accessories. The earrings are in a hideous class of their own. I don’t hate the dress but would prefer it on an occasion where a hat is not required and with a black belt and shoes.

      • The dress is suitable for a BBQ, lunch with friends etc but not a public engagement. Sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking of in some of her getups. Her shoes will be the death of me. This is all rather too much like Bet Lynch from Coronation Street.

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