Queen Dedicates Namesake Canal

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Falkirk today where they saw The Kelpies sculpture and officially named the canal that runs through the Helix development the Queen Elizabeth II Canal.

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For this dedication, Queen Elizabeth debuted a new hat. In raspberry pink straw, the design features a diagonally sloped crown  and short cartwheel brim edged in pale grey straw. Grey and pink stacked hatbands complete the look, along with a cluster of pink and grey straw flowers with diamante centres on the side of the piece.

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I think this is the most successful hat we’ve seen in this shape- the colour is beautiful on Her Majesty and the grey accents, which link with her dress, provide great contrast. The straw flowers are a different take on hat trim from what we normally see on the Queen’s hats and while very simple, they work. My reservations about the ensemble centre on the coat (the floral binding doesn’t work for me) but this doesn’t diminish the hat.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat & dress by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: this hat is new
It’s not often during Holyrood week that we see new hats and this is the second one in as many days! What do you think of this pink hat on Her Majesty today?
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31 thoughts on “Queen Dedicates Namesake Canal

  1. I was amazed to read this is a new hat – when I saw it I said “good this one has made a reappearance!” I’m sure I’ve seen this trim and colour combination before – in fact I’d lay money on it!

    I hope Prince Philip doesn’t repair his top hat – there is a wonderful look about the slight imperfection that makes me think it’s seen a deal of history through the years and is like an old and familiar friend.

      • No, sadly not. This trim is so distinctive, the coat and dress don’t feel familiar but the hat certainly does. I wonder if I’ve seen this trim worn by someone else, or on RTMs website. This is now going to drive me bonkers.

    • LesleyC, I just did a Google image search on one of the close-ups of the hat and didn’t get any other hits besides the canal-naming day. When I narrowed the results to only pink hats, I was amazed at how many pink hats showed up that were not all that different from each other, though those straw flowers really are different enough from the usual to stand out.

      • Thanks so much, Matthew – I never thought to do that. Am wondering if I’m “seeing” QEIIs hats in advance by telepathy or some such thing.

  2. Yes, she is wearing a color combination that really works well. I think it is important that you choose colors that bring out your facial features, especially as you age. You can actually see the color of her eyes. She actually glows.

  3. I am late to comment I realise, but I just have to because I think is one of the best ensembles we have seen HM in lately. I just love the unexpected raspberry colour, with the flecks of dark through the lighter pink. I am okay with the floral trim on the pockets, cuffs, neckline etc but am glad that the hat only features a plain grey band of trim. It is actually the slim grey band that peeks out from above the wide pink band that really elevates this hat from okay to lovely. Just a light deft touch and the look is transformed. I have also always liked these more shallow cartwheel brims on The Queen, the balance and dimensions are always pleasing somehow. Me thinks RTM. And the flowers are different and pleasant. Is there another full length picture of HM with the coat removed. Always interested to see whether the dress and hat look good together. Thanks.

  4. This is very striking, and mostly in a good way. The particular shade of raspberry is lovely and somewhat different than HM usually wears when pink is involved, and the gray is a lovely complement. Thank heavens that the dress fabric used as binding on the coat was not also used on the hat……(and, MrFitzroy thinks, this detail makes it more likely RTM than AKelly.)
    The printed binding on the coat could be seen as a bit busy or messy, or perhaps not….it’s really in the eye of the beholder on this one.
    The hat trim is interesting, unusual, and charmingly disarming up close…..if you were within a few feet of HM this hat would charm ones socks off…..but at a distance –and face it, the way most at such events are likely to see HM– the trim does deconstruct a bit, and the sightings of clam shells and butterflies, and if MrFitzroy may be allowed — gray moths, are not incoherent ramblings…..still, it’s a cunning little hat, and all in all, quite successful.

  5. I like this hat very much! The straw flowers are different than the usual and from far away they even look like butterflies. The colors are beautiful together. I don’t mind the floral piping but that ensures that the coat can only be worn with the one dress. If it was grey then perhaps it could be worn with different dresses. But who am I kidding, HM has certain dresses that go with certain coats, and those in turn go with certain hats. She doesn’t like to mix and match anywhere but her brooches and sometimes not even those with certain clothes. With the slanted crown I almost wish the embellishment were on that side, the bit that pokes up higher seems to be trying to even out the crown. But that’s probably just my uneven eyes 😀

  6. I don’t like the hat much. I’ve never liked pink and gray together, and I’m not keen on the flowers either. However, it is wonderful to see Her Maj looking so healthy and cheerful at age 91! I always tend to think of Trooping the Color, Opening of Parliment and Ascot as the beginning of a season of engagements, but then comes Holyrood Week, and I am reminded again that it really is the end of the “public” season, and the beginning of her long summer-autumn break.

  7. I forgot to comment before, wouldn’t this ensemble look better with a jacket instead of the standard long coat. The dress pleats are crammed inside, according to the next-to-last picture.

    Something like this, perhaps, especially in the summer?
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. Another new hat! I was actually looking forward to some repeats, she’s got a bit pile of ‘one wears’ that I think should get another spin.

    You know – I think this could be an RTM. The flowers are like her work previously, and the hat band is very similar to the Easter hat. I don’t mind the coat binding either, but plain grey may have worked better with the hat.

    Please do a repeat tomorrow! There are some old favourites I’d like to see again. And I do hate waste…

    • You could be right- the flowers do look like Rachel Trevor Morgan’s. We’ll have to await confirmation.

      Your last sentence makes me laugh- when there are repeats, we want new hats! When there are new hats, we want repeats! We are a fickle but fun group, we royal hat lovers! I do see your point- as I’ve been rebuilding my archive of her hats worn since 2010, there are a number of very beautiful ones that have only been worn once or twice. It would be great to see some of them again.

    • HM has sooooooo many new hats, and they’re all great. But then there’s poor ol’ Phil, still wearing the same broken-down topper. I theorized that he kept yesterday’s hat at Holyrood, and used a different one in London, but nooooo! I found an even more distressed picture of his black top hat, taken this past May 23rd at a garden party. Come on, let’s share the wealth!
      Embed from Getty Images

      • If the DofE is anything like the elderly gentlemen in my family, it may be that he simply refuses to part with a favorite, no matter how shabby it has become. When my grandfather passed away, we found piles of new shirts and other items he had been given as gifts over the years that he never used, preferring to continue to wear the old frayed ones!

  9. A most excellent hat for HM! Odd we are seeing so many new ones come out recently, but we shouldn’t complain any time when we are given such lovely gifts. The shape, colors, and trim on this are all fantastic; I do agree that the only real problem with this whole ensemble is the floral piping on the coat; change that to just plain grey (like that on her hat) and it would be an absolute winner!

    Also, when I first saw this earlier today, I thought only the trim had been redone on this hat; but then I realized the hat I was thinking of was this one: https://royalhats.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/queen-visits-windsor-on-eve-of-historic-birthday/.

  10. Lovely! (Sometimes the straw flowers look like open clamshells, sometimes like a flock of butterflies, but the general effect is very pretty.) Agree about the binding on the coat, especially the pockets. I know what it’s supposed to be doing, but somehow it looks irrelevant, in spite of matching the queen’s dress. (I’m glad it didn’t appear on the hat!) On the whole though, very nice, and, as frequently remarked, a lovely color on the queen–much livelier than the pink of the garden party ensemble.

    • I see the clamshells, too. It’s a very pretty trim, and just different enough. Agreed that solid grey piping would be better than the floral.

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