Queen Visits Royal Society

Queen Elizabeth wrapped up Holyrood Week with a visit to the Royal Society of Edinburgh today.

 Embed from Getty Images

For this visit, she repeated her sky blue straw hat with stepped crown, raised brim, punchy navy trim on the stacked hatband and side bow, and beautiful feather flower trim. I was a little surprised to see this hat appear so quickly after its last outing but I’m not complaining- it’s scale, shape, colour, balance and trim make it a beauty.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 15, 2017May 24, 2016May 17, 2016; July 16, 2015June 19, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Queen Visits Royal Society

  1. It’s still a good hat, but I agree with JamesB that there are others that deserve to see daylight again. I think her Easter hat from this year would’ve been a great alternative.

  2. The Queen appears to have had a very happy and successful week in a Scotland. Her outfit today fills out the spectrum of collars she has worn. (I got sidetracked by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and Alexander McCall Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series!)

  3. Okay, so I said I wanted some repeats…

    I like this hat a lot, but there are so many that languish at the back of the closet, desperate for daylight! Please show then to us!

    • James- would you like to do a guest post on which hats you’d like to see again? Would anyone like to prepare such a post? I’d be happy to work with you on it to provide photos.

      • Yep – I’m game for that! (That’ll be a great way for me to waste an afternoon trawling through the Queen’s back catalogue!!)

      • I’d love JamesB to do this – what a fantastic idea. I like this hat and outfit so don’t mind it reappearing so soon – the brim has a cheeky tilt.

  4. Clearly one of her faves as well as ours, she has worn it so often! Looking back at the earlier appearances, I must say it is very thoughtful of her to wear a different brooch each time so the photos can be properly identified!

  5. The feather flowers are just AMAZING! The workmanship on those alone makes the hat! Of course, the rest of the piece is pretty great, too!

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