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Royal Hats
A number of you have recently mentioned several of Queen Elizabeth’s hats that have been seldom worn but that you’d love to see repeated. If you would like to write a short guest post about the hats you’re eagerly awaiting to see again, please let me know. I’d like to feature these posts in coming weeks. 

Queen Margrethe repeated her red bumper hat on Monday to open a special exhibit on Vikings at the Vikings Danish Castle Center in Vordingborg (Danish Monarchy)

Queen Silvia attended the wedding of her niece, Helena Sommerlath, last weekend in Bonn, Germany. She repeated the purple flowered hat she wore to Prince Alexander’s christening last summer.

The Prince of Wales presented the Army Air Corps with a new Guidon in celebration of their 60th anniversary while The Duke of Kent  presented awards to soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Rifles yesterday.

Princess Olympia shared a self portrait in a leather beret while in Spain on Thursday. On Friday, she donned a bejewelled headpiece with flowers to walk in a Dolce and Gabanna runway show in Palermo. Lady Amelia Windsor also modelled in the show, in a large red floral headpiece.

On June 30th, Princess Kako was the Imperial family’s representative for the biannual ritual “Ceremony of Oharashi” at the Imperial Palace. She wore a cream bumper hat with bow at the back.

And the hats that caught my eye this week:

Stunning feather work on this Susanne Juul cocktail hat with textured straw base
Australian brand Fox Millinery’s red leather hat with laser cut black looping perspex brim
Classic and chic straw fedora from Emily London
Also from Australia, Felicity Northeast’s statement hat with amazing hand embroidery (back view here)
‘Falling Kitty’ wonderfully embellished beret perchers from Anya Caliendo. Such fun!

Some of you have also noticed a surge this season in boater hats- check out the final moments of the Chanel runway show in Paris on Tuesday.

 Royal Hats

Flora Ogilvy shared this candid photo of her father preparing for his upcoming exhibition of landscape photography on Nantucket Island. His work looks beautiful.


Lovely, nautical family photos of the Belgian and Dutch royal families were released this week.

And finally, Princess Märtha Louise shared the loveliest tribute to her mother on Queen Sonja’s 80th birthday

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I would love to write a blog about hats I would like to see the Queen repeat.
    There are several that I think it’s a shame they haven’t seen the light of day for a second wearing particularly from Diamond Jubilee year.

  2. Mitten Mary, thanks so much for setting the record straight for me! It all looked FANTABULOUS, and my vote for most beautiful goes to Queen Mathilde! Remember the 50th birthday celebration last week? This shin dig seems sooooooooooo different!

  3. I love the bumper hat on Princess Kako, but not so much on QMargrethe. The fedora worn at Wimbledon is perfect. Would love to be able to see James Ogilvy’s exhibition in person.

  4. Princess Olympia’s leather beret is immediately on my personal wish list. Love!
    The Chanel 2017 Fall Couture show: Karl Lagerfeld knows exactly how to make the traditional look new and exciting, and he’s done it superbly with these hats. I adore these fabric-covered hats, and the matchy-matchy effect with the clothes. It’s a pity the hats are mostly too large – but given that it is never guaranteed right up to the last minute who will walk in these shows, I guess the milliner’s only option was to make the hats uniformly bigger, so as to fit any head size. Closeup views of the hats and their luxurious bespoke fabrics here:

  5. Wait, what?? Sonja is 80? Man, she looks really good for her age. Also, she can rock the emeralds in the Norwegian crown jewels vault like none other.
    Embed from Getty Images

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