Hat From the Past

Royal Hatsto this day in 1951. Princess Elizabeth, as she was at the time, welcomed scouts from across the Commonwealth to her home at Clarence House that day, welcoming them in a hat with unique scalloped brim.

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Photo from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Maybe it’s a trefoil shaped hat, which is a Girl Scout symbol. I’m not sure if the symbol was in use at that time, though…

  2. The whole outfit is right on target for the fashion style of 1951 — I have photos of my mother and her friends from that time dressed very similarly!

    • Thanks, Jimbo, this one is interesting for so many reasons: the Canadian greeting, the landscape, the health of the king…

    • Nice find Jimbo. Not sure if it is the same hat, though. The one in the video at 5:04 has the brim pushed back above the forehead, whereas the 19512 pic appears to show a flat brim. Does anyone know if the princess used to restyle her hats in those days?
      i must say I don’t like either hat. The second in particular has a “lopsided mouse ears” vibe to my eye.

      • Yes, I have pictures of my mother with similar bags and shoes – I’m just always taken aback when I see QEII with anything different to what we’re so used to seeing her wear at the present time.

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