This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth repeated her white ‘marshmallow’ hat last weekend to attend Crathie Church. It was the hat’s third outing (we saw it most recently last June)

A pair of hats shared by Kensington Palace this week, part of Prince William and Prince Harry’s documentary in tribute to their mother. Adorable, right?!

The Duchess of York attended the King George VI races at Ascot today with the Duke, repeating a black felt calot hat with feathers and a dress that might give you a strong sense of déjà vu.

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Cheeky advertisement from IKEA, referencing Princess Claire’s hat from Belgian National Day. The caption roughly translates, “Anyone can be a princess”.

The following designs caught my eye this week:

 This cream and raspberry leather bandeau with handmade flowers from Australian brand Jill and Jack Millinery
Beautifully trimmed cocktail hat (without a feather or flower in sight) from Camilla Rose Millinery
This black straw boater with rainbow dotted net veil from Czech brand Klobouky Jolanta Millinery
This wide brimmed pyramid hat with black pleated crin edge, also from Millinery Jill
This emerald velour felt hat with copper quills and peacock feather flowers from Mind You Bonce
These jewel toned felt trilbys from Goldust Millinery

And Rosie Olivia’s “Car Crown” made entirely from materials from a Ford Fiesta (see the giant version here)


Royal Hats

A beautiful family portrait from the Swedish Royal Family taken July 15 during Crown Princess Victoria’s 40th birthday celebrations

Fun summer self portrait shard by Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana of Greece

If you missed Prince William and Prince Harry’s tribute to their mother, you can watch it here. The BBC also interviewed Earl Spencer, about the famous eulogy he delivered at his sister’s funeral. It’s an interesting radio interview worth listening to.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene brought Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella along for the launch of the Yersin Yatch exploration ship yesterday (note Gabriella’s sweet hair bow) before the annual Red Cross Ball last night. Princess Charlene’s silver jumpsuit is a lot more look than we usually see at royal black (or red!) tie events and like it or not, it’s bold and incredibly brave.

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. That’s done it – Charlene has morphed into her countrywoman Charlize Theron, esp I saw the actress just yesterday in a trailer for the aptly named ‘Atomic Blonde’! I really like the silver outfit (esp from the back, what a gorgeous figure), but wish she had put some noticeable jewellery with it, diamond bracelets a la Letizia would be perfect. And, for a princess, maybe, just maybe, it would have been better as a dress. But then, Monaco … they have a different take on things and bless them for it.

  2. All this week’s hat picks are great, especially the gorgeous straw pyramid with black trim. When I first saw the photo of the stacked trilbies, I got a horrible Princess Astrid flashback!

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. I had to laugh at both the Ikea ad and Rosie Olivia’s witty crown.

    HQ, I remember that you admired the use of leather in the York princesses’ Easter hats. Then we saw some at Ascot, and now it seems as though there are more leather hats out there, at least in your weekly selection of favorites like the Millinery Jill bandeaux. Is this getting to be a trend?

    Princess Charlene has the physique and looks to carry off quite a lot, but I’m afraid I’m voting “too edgy,” too.

    • The use of leather in racewear millinery has been increasing in Australia for a couple of years now. It’s considered suitable for both Spring and Autumn racing (in terms of Fashions on the Field) so you can get more wear out of it than either straw or felt.

      I really love the bandeau pieces by Millinery Jill, the level of detail is amazing.

      • The detail is amazing, isn’t it?! I think that’s why I’m so intrigued with leather hats- not only are leather bases luxuriously smooth, the potential for interesting leather trimmings (flowers, ruffles etc.) is great.

      • So interesting — yes, I can see how it would work for all except the hottest days. The details on those Millinery Jill pieces is indeed beautiful.

    • Do you think this flower was made of leather or something else?

      Embed from Getty Images

  4. Loved the Camilla Rose “Volute.” A very attractive hat, simple and complicated at the same time.

    I admire the audacity of Princess Charlene’s silvery jumpsuit; what self-confidence! She looks a bit like a mermaid–and she still has the physique of a swimmer. A contrast to her comparatively sedate appearance in that lovely family photo.

  5. Whilst the fit of Bea’s frock may not be the best on Fergie, she has styled it much better; that minimal hat is great with it. I think she looks good on the whole.

    The marahmallow hat rides again. It needs so serious deflation.

    Is that Charlene, or Brigitte Nielsen?!

  6. Extra’s comments…..
    1) marshmallow hat of the Queen is not one of my favorites but it does go well with her outfit
    2) William and Harry look so cute in their police hats
    3) The family portrait for Victoria’s birthday is wonderful and I can see Madeline and Sofia were the only ones not on board with the blue theme
    4) A sweet photo of Jacques and Gabriella
    5) Charlene’s evening look is certainly bold but I am afraid my vote is a no….a little too edgy for me

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