Imperial Royals At Calligraphy Exhibition & Medical Award

Last Thursday, July 27, Princess Hisako of Takamado attended an international calligraphy exhibition in Tokyo. For this event, she paired a black floral suit with a pyramid-centered saucer hat in black straw. This is one of my favourite Imperial royal looks in a long time- the streamlined, modern shaped hat and traditional floral print of the suit are a slightly unexpected combination but so chic.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Today, Princess Nobuko, Princess Kiko and Crown Princess Masako joined the Empress at the annual Florence Nightingale awards in Tokyo. Empress Michiko repeated her white raised edge saucer with transparent lattice underbrim, trimmed with a pale celery silk knotted bow and silk leaves. It’s another ensemble of exquisitely subtle touches that the Empress wears, beautifully.

Empress Michiko, Aug 2, 2017 | Royal Hats  Empress Michiko, Aug 2, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: likely Akio Hirata
Previously Worn: Mar 1, 2017

Princess Nobuko looked to be wearing a pillbox in the same grey silk print as her dress. Princess Kiko topped her pale blue suit with a coordinating pillbox and Crown Princess Masako wore a demure cream bumper hat.

Imperial Royal Family, Aug 2, 2017 | Royal Hats

 Thoughts about these Imperial royal hats?

8 thoughts on “Imperial Royals At Calligraphy Exhibition & Medical Award

  1. Wonderful look for Princess Hisako. I like that she has her own take on the saucer shape that the Empress has made her signature look.

  2. Brava to all of the Japanese ladies! Hisako is just fantastic in her patterned dress and saucy hat. I love this look!

    The Empress is always beautiful. Nothing more needs to be said. Of the 3 princesses, CPMasako is the best of this group. Her hat and outfit are lovely.

  3. Apparently this is the first time Masako has attended this event in many many years (2003?) so whatever she wears, I am happy to see her out and about. As everyone agrees, the Empress is serenity and grace personified. But Hisako is the sartorial star for me! Very chic! As an aside, I always wonder how many pairs of these shoes the Empress has……or is it just one pair, very well cared for?

  4. A sharp, simple hat worn with a pared-down suit in an on-trend statement print — Hisako’s style formula here looks confident, easy and effortless. Chic indeed.

  5. Hisako continues to be my favorite hat-wearing Imperial! (the Empress is in a league of her own) She always is able to push the envelope without going crazy. This disc hat is a fun departure from even what we normally see on Hisako; it also looks like there are some white flowers sticking out on the back left side, which ties into the dress nicely without being super-matchy. Her black and white oversized clutch also added a fun, almost glam-rock, element to her ensemble.

    The Empress looks absolutely lovely, and I’m glad to see her sporting some green again. She also has a fantastic smile that always seems so reassuring.

    The three princesses each get points; Nobuko for the interesting pattern, Kiko for the color, and Masako for the placement of her hat. I do think Masako would look better with her hair down, or if she tried a side chignon with this hat; as her hair was, this look was a little too severe for my tastes.

  6. The Imperial royal women always appear to be “put together” very well with coordinating shoes (Empress), hats (all 3 Princesses), gloves and accessories. I agree that the blue pillbox of Princess Kiko’s is lovely. Not a fan of the bumper hats but the Crown Princess looks pretty and it’s so nice to see her out and about performing her royal duties and looking so well.

  7. I agree that Princess Hisako looks very chic. The Empress is lovely as ever. I like Princess Kiko’s pillbox the best of the third group.

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