‘New’ Hat From the Past #5

Royal Hats to July 22, 1979 and a natural straw bumper hat with button topped crown worn on a visit to Tanzania

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Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #5

    • Sorry, I posted too fast! This angle shows a matching bow on the left side.
      Embed from Getty Images

  1. Jimbo, I loved her hair at that stage when she was just first starting to let it go grey on the sides!

    Regarding the preferred description of the hat, we so far have bamboo steamer, tortilla keeper, and knitted toilet paper cover. What I first thought of was, there used to be a Scottish golfer — forgot his name — who always wore caps that the announcers would describe as looking like he was wearing a tea cozy on his head — that is what I thought of, though perhaps to be a tea cozy, it would need a little more height.

    • I love this outfit. I remember my aunt wearing suits like this; I would really enjoy seeing a suit like this worn today.
      The tortilla warmer is not improved by discovering that in addition to the button on the crown, there is a bow on the side. I am all for matchy-matchy, but this is a case of not knowing when to stop decorating.
      But trim questions aside, I’m not a fan in general of these low off-the-face hats of the era that sit squarely right across the top of HM’s hairline. They often don’t seem to flatter HM’s face shape or hairstyle —there seems to be too much forehead and not enough visible hair to soften the looks, resulting in a severe effect. For HM, I feel that a hat like this is better worn at an angle.

  2. Interesting, though, that unlike so many of the Queen’s hats, it would be very difficult to have a stab at guessing the date if one didn’t know. So many are firmly rooted in their era, but I don’t think this one is.

  3. I have never seen this one before and I don’t think I like it. Unfortunately, it reminds me of one of those terra cotta tortilla keepers that people use to help the tortillas stay warm at the table.

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