‘New’ Hat From the Past #8

Royal Hats to a Canadian visit in July 1997 that saw Her Majesty in a mint green straw hat with raised kettle brim, pleated crin crown wrap and front rosette. It feels like a very 1990s shaped and styled hat to me although I don’t remember seeing it before- is it familiar to any of you?

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22 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #8

  1. A better view of this hat and matching outfit taken Oct 28, 1996 on a visit to Thailand
    Embed from Getty Images
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    Embed from Getty Images

    • HQ, you COULD’NT have put on a BETTER view of this hat after my video that I shared, which NO ONE responded to! I’ve added wonderful and thought-provoking material (and questions) to several posts, with no reaction. I thought I unearthed a brilliant connection in #20, with the simpler hat….no comment. I added a wonderful video of the same gawd-awful hat of #20…..no comment. I’ll still follow Royal Hats, but the contributions will be minimal. YES, I’m steamed!

  2. A lovely hat – pretty colour, very summery feel to it. My only quibble is that darn rose placed front and centre – miner’s lamp. Either that, or she’s got the hat on skew-whiff! Does it even need the rose? The crin wrap is pretty enough in itself.

    • intriguedbyroyals, if ever a comment needed a “thumbs up” button to click, it’s this one! “Swat a mosquito…” — LOL!

      As far as the hat goes, while it’s definitely fussier than we’ve become used to lately, it’s a nice change from the more recent models, and was definitely a style then, though I don’t recall ever seeing HM in one like this.

  3. I think this is a lovely hat on HM. Love the colour and shape but agree with Liz that the trim is overdone. Love this series, Hat Queen. thanks very much for uncovering all these oldies but goodies (well mostly goodies–I’ve just seen number 9!)

    • That provides some fascinating historical context- thanks, Katie! I’m curious- were straw hats primarily made from a different type of straw before then?

  4. I love this hat. It is one of the prettiest I have seen in a long time on HM. Lately I have begun to feel like I have seen them all before. Just variations on the same themes. For me this series has rejuvenated my interest. Hat Queen you are timely and inspired! TY.

  5. I like the hat color and shape. It is the crown wraps that don’t appeal to me — fussy and frothy — and I know I’m in the minority in this view!

  6. This is a pretty hat, but after seeing several of these, I think I just don’t care for this kettle brim shape. I much prefer either a larger brim (with an upturn/upswept/slice) or the smaller brim (either flat/mushroom/or even slightly upswept) that we see more often on the queen today.

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