Princess Mary Opens Flower Festival

Crown Princess Mary official opened the Odense Flower Festival yesterday. For the occasion, she repeated her natural straw hat with squared crown and gently curled side brim, a hat we’ve not seen worn for seven years. The photos of this event give an excellent view of the side angles of this hat and show just how pointed the back of the crown is- a feature I’m not certain about. We’ve seen this hat trimmed in six different ways and its embellishment on this outing was its largest spray of silk flowers, straw bows and feathers. Paired with Mary’s black and white floral dress, makes for an elegant summer ensemble.

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Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: Jun 13, 2010; Nov 2, 2009; Sept 18, 2009; May 4, 2009; June 19, 2008; Oct 8, 2007; Jun 22, 2006; Jun 8, 2006; Apr 30, 2006; Aug 18, 2005; May 7. 2005; Sep 9, 2004; Jul 29. 2004; Jun 22, 2004
Thoughts about this hat?
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14 thoughts on “Princess Mary Opens Flower Festival

  1. I adore the way this hat frames PM’s profile, and goes rather low over her eyes. I should think that she’d order a dozen more if she sees these pictures. I also am not that crazy about the point at the back, but, otherwise, it does such nice things for her that it’s worth overlooking that.i love it with that dress.

  2. I like the combination of this hat and dress very much. I also notice that it appears to have been raining for at least part of this appearance and wonder if the hat was worn low on her face not because it’s too big, but because she was trying to shield her face from raindrops. It would also be interesting to know if the hat was originally purchased with this regular swapping out of decorations already in mind, or if it just sort of happened! Looking back at the older post about the six looks, it’s clear how a simple hat can be perfectly coordinated with a dress by adding decorations of the appropriate color and style.

  3. I can’t see this dress without remembering it’s perfect pairing with that cream straw beret a few years back. That hat is nice enough, and I like to see a piece reworn and restyled in different ways though.

  4. I think the hat is fine but I love the dress. She has been wearing this dress since June 2010 when she and Fred were in the US and she worn it with a wonderful beret during their visit to Arlington National Cemetery. This is a perfect princess outfit! Dang, but she knows how to keep her figure and wear an old dress.

  5. It’s good to have a hat this versatile in one’s wardrobe. It’s also obviously well planned / constructed in that the constant change of trimming hasn’t caused any visible damage! I like it with the dress, a flowery dress and natural straw hat is a classic summer look.

  6. I understand the objection that the hat is placed so low on CP Mary’s brow, that it is hard to see her face, but the hat itself is lovely and goes well with the dress.

  7. I quite like the hat in itself, but it looks too large and rides too low on the princess’s head. It practically covers her eyes, and certainly obscures her face from the public.

  8. HQ, is this the same hat shown in “1 hat trimmed 6 different ways” and some of the date links? in some of the pics, the crown of the hat seems to have a sharp angled edge all the way around including the front; and in those pics the crown seems to slant upwards to Mary’s right-hand side.
    In todays pics, and some others linked, the front of the crown seems to be rounded, not “square”. And the sides of the crown seem to be of equal height (slanting in parallel towards the rear).
    Or is it just one of those photographic illusions?

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