Reader Guest Post: Musings on Repeat Royal Hats

It has been my great pleasure to welcome readers as guest writers here at Royal Hats over the summer to share wishes and suggestions about hats they would most like to see their favourite royals wear (or wear again!). Today, I’m so pleased to welcome back Washington D.C. based reader Jake for a second guest post, this time on the hats he’d like to see Queen Máxima repeat. Welcome back, Jake!

I had a lot of fun coming up with a top 10 list of hat to bring back for HM Queen Elizabeth II, and so I knew I had to do a follow-up list for my next favorite queen: Máxima of the Netherlands! Many thanks HatQueen for letting me have another go!

Máxima has always rocked a large brim, and most of my choices reflect that. But since she has become queen, Máxima’s hats have increasingly become more sedate, with a lot less trim and less variety of color than when she was crown princess. Therefore I was pleased to see fellow reader Sandra’s recent posts about new milliners for Máxima to try, and many of her suggestions reminded me of the more experimental days of the mid-2000s.

Below are my first 5 of 10 top choices of hats that need to make a comeback for Queen Máxima:

1. The silver floral and netting headpiece from Alexia’s christening. I know this was repeated in 2014, but her hair just didn’t work that second time, so maybe third time will be a charm again? Hat by Fabienne Delvigne

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

2. The pale pink wide brim from her 12 April 2011 visit to Germany. This whole ensemble is one of my favorite looks ever for Máxima, and I’m extremely sad it was never repeated. Hat by Fabienne Delvigne

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

3. This gold picture hat from the 2003 state visit to Brazil. I have long loved this hat, although I have long been less enamored with the gold pantsuit, which has since been repeated, unlike the hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

4. The orange picture hat from 2005 Prinsjesdag. A beautiful color and shape for Máxima. Hat by Fabienne Delvigne

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

5. 2008 Prinsjesdag purple picture hat. I can’t believe this one was never repeated; it would be fantastic with a grey outfit. Hat by Berry Rutjes


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

You have included some of my favourites here, Jake! I can’t understand why the purple straw hat by Berry Rutjes hasn’t made another appearance because it is simply fantastic. Forgive my interruption, dearest readers, but I’m going to make you wait until first thing Thursday for Jake’s other five hat repeat suggestions for Queen Máxima. Stay tuned!
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25 thoughts on “Reader Guest Post: Musings on Repeat Royal Hats

  1. Jake, thank you for such an enjoyable collection of styles! I admit to paying very little attention to the non-British royals prior to discovering this blog, so just about anything related to Máxima is new to me. One thing in particular that I realized looking at the photos of #5 is the importance of a hat’s look from EVERY angle, not only sides and back as the person walks by the photographer, but also the top, in case the wearer has occasion to bow her head during a solemn occasion! I realize that you mean to focus on Máxima, but both of those hats look so interesting from the top.

    • Thank you Matthew, and I’m glad you’re enjoying getting to know some other great royal hat wearers! Looking forward to what you think about the next five.

  2. A Max retropsective is guaranteed to be full of exciting gems. Each of these is well worth seeing again, thanks Jake!
    What strikes me most about the large brimmed hats is the postural impact of certain brims. The hats with brims that slope down in front (3, 5 and to a lesser extent 2), seem to cause Q Max to tilt her head backwards to see fully. Just on principle I’m not fan of any hat that interferes with teh wearer’s normal functioning, or that could actually create a sore neck and shoulders (if you’re not sure what I mean, try walking around for a few hours with your head in a slightly tilted back position!)
    We see less of this low fronted brim style these days, because the wheel of fashion has moved on. But I’m not looking forward to the time when this brim undergoes a revival!

    • Thanks mcncln, and I definitely understand where you are coming from with the downturned brims and being able to see normally. The nice thing about a downturned brim is it allows any trimmings to be shown off, something I miss with the large upturned brims that would hide any of it; in turn the milliners go with virtually no trim, and this lack of trim sometimes makes me sad that there are so many plainer hats out there.

      • Good point Jake; wide-brimmed hats can carry a lot of trim very easily; and it’s sometimes a long wait between Ascots, if one is keen to see something large scale AND elaborate!

  3. Lordy there are some looks here! I like the hats in the main, but the styling these days has got much better (mainly… not always!)

    Where to start with the tin man suit?! So much shine! I seem to remember that was quite in back in the noughties but it doesn’t date well does it?! I find the purple outfit veering towards Margot Leadbetter for me, a bit less flounce and we’d be in business. And orange and suede is a perplexing combo.

    The other two I like a lot though. One thing you can say about Máx, she’s never dull!!

  4. striking colorful choices Jake, on a different note: I think the largest hat she ever wore is the one at the wedding of Felipe and Letizia, huge though subtle in blush pink

    • That hat was rather large, although I think it was edged out by the red and pink hat at Pieter-Christiaan and Anita’s wedding! And while I liked the Spanish wedding hat in general, the whole ensemble was a little too beige for me for it to make my top 10 list haha.

  5. All very lovely hats. Just some general things that crossed my mind:

    1: Great piece. We’re so used to see her in wide brimmed hats that this is a nice change.
    2: Gorgeous. I love the gentle wave in the brim. Great color too. Can’t believe she never wore it again.
    3: This is a shape that to me feels a little bit dated. I’m sure Mathilde at that time wore some similar hats. But if I’m right Maxima has a pink one in more or less the same shape which she still repeats. So why she didn’t repeate this one will stay a mistery.
    4: Lovely. Could easily be worn again.
    5: Stunning! That color, that shape, that trim! But in that second picture it looks to sit a little low over her eyes. Maybe that’s why she didn’t repeat it? Or is that something that could be easily fixed?

    Can’t wait for the next 5 hats!

  6. Jake: Great choices for Queen Maxima! My favorite is the purple hat, then the gold one. My least favorite of your selections is the silver hat: it reminds me of the time I threw a cabbage through the screen door – Dad was not amused!

    • Thanks Jimbo! I knew the silver one would be the first to draw criticism haha, although this memory of cabbage through a screen door is not what I imagined! 😉

  7. Love this retrospective! Several of these hats pre-date my close(ish) tracking of QMax’s style and were fun to see. All would be great repeats, and I’m looking forward to part 2. New favorites here are the one from the christening and the bright gold (which I love as a hat and with its gold suit). Both of those are so fabulous and I would kill to see them again. The observation that QMax’s hat style has gotten more sedate since she’s become queen is an interesting one. Obviously I haven’t tracked closely, but just based on what I’ve seen, that is absolutely the case. Even though she still makes interesting sartorial choices (thank goodness!) we very rarely see her in something like what she wore to the Luxembourg wedding in 2012 (which is one of my favorite Max outfits ever, with that HAT and dress pairing). [I can’t figure out how to post a picture, so if anyone can’t remember or hasn’t seen this hat, you can find it here http://orderofsplendor (.) blogspot (.) com/2012/10/royal-fashion-awards-religious-wedding (.) html

    I’d love to see QMax (and QMathilde) in some more fun millinery, but we should be grateful I guess, because at least they regularly bring the hat-awesome!

    • I definitely loved the boldness of Máxima’s hat at Guillaume and Stephanie’s wedding, but the execution was a bit off for me, especially with the feather-covered cocktail hat base; I adored the soaring pheasant feathers though! (I actually have a vintage hat that looks almost exactly like this one, minus the large feathers; after seeing Máxima this hat, I told my mom I knew how we could make money off that vintage hat, which remains one of my least favorites in my collection haha.)
      Embed from Getty Images

  8. Gosh there’s some real lovely one here. I love the entire outfit of number 2, really elegant. I just would leave the scarf at home, I’m sure she’s got a different throw, coat or cape collected by now that would do loads better! And hat number 5 with a grey dress, that’s a lovely idea❤️

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