Reader Guest Post: Musings On Repeat Royal Hats

On Tuesday, regular commenter Jake, who hails from Washington DC, USA, shared five hats he’d like to see Queen Máxima repeat. I’m so pleased to welcome him back for the second part of this post, picking right up with his final five choices. Welcome again, Jake!

6.This white and green accented picture hat from the 3 November 2009 visit to Mexico; this whole look was repeated in Vietnam, and possibly altered (RIP green!) for a trip to Curacao in November 2013.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

7. The vivacious (and divisive) hat from Pieter-Christiaan & Anita’s wedding on 27 August 2005. I know many of you hate it, but I adore it!  Designed by Fabienne Delvigne

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

8. This silver picture hat from the 13 April 2011 visit to Germany. While looking for photos of this fun hat, I discovered it was actually first worn at ship launching in 2003! (see bottom right photo).  Designed by Fabienne Delvigne


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


9. The 2012 Prinsjesdag fuchsia slice hat. One of the few slice hats not to be repeated, but it definitely needs to make a comeback this fall/winter! Designed by Fabienne Delvigne

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

 10.This pink cocktail hat from the 19 November 2013 visit to Curacao (this is also the only repeat I chose from her queen days). Sandra’s picks included many cocktail hats; while Máxima has worn this shape in the past on multiple occasions, I’ve not found them to be very successful because the details end up being wrong; but this particular cocktail hat got it right, and she should definitely add this style to the rotation more often.

 Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

What do you think? Do you miss some of Máxima’s more crazy hats from her crown princess days? Let me know!

Yes! Each one of these hats makes SUCH a style statement and I’d love to see them all repeated again (even the  infamous pink and red ruffled hat just to see how it might be styled again). These hats are not for the faint of heart, which is why I admire them so. Thanks, Jake, for this great pair of posts! 
Photos from Getty as indicated

30 thoughts on “Reader Guest Post: Musings On Repeat Royal Hats

  1. A little late but beter late than never I guess…

    Hats 6 and 8 are stunning! But I also understand why she now chooses more neutral picture hats like 9. She’s always doing so much with her accessories that a trim on her hat would be overkill. Hat 6 and 8 work for me because her jewellery is minimal. I do hope she repeats number 9 soon. The fabric looks so luxurious and it’s a great color.

    I never really cared for 7. Maybe if it was a little bit smaller. Now to me it just looks comical. But I do admit that the rain coat isn’t really helping. So a different styling could make all the difference.

    10 just doesn’t do it for me. I guess it reminds me too much of gift wrap ribbon. But in this case I think a different styling could change my mind as well.

  2. The pink slice is gorgeous but gorgeous but gorgeous and so is the silver picture hat. Please please bring these two back. I love QMax in larger hats. I’d also love to see the one from the wedding again- I think it’d look fabulous with a solid bright pink sheath dress, or even a full length bright pink dress for one of those weird formal dress + hat events (sorry I don’t remember what they’re called). Thanks so much for highlighting these great hats!

  3. First- I love that white hat and without the slight green accents it would have looked fabulous with the Carolina Herrera dress from yesterday, Much better than the calot! Back with more later.

  4. Sorry, I’m late to the conversation, been one of those days … My goodness this girl can wear a big hat, can’t she? But the ‘whirligig’ hat might be just a bit *too* big (can’t believe I’m saying that). Meanwhile, the purple slice – wowser! It is beautiful. I love the ‘fiesta’ feel of the cocktail hat for a Caribbean visit but wish I could see it without the ‘bug eye’ sunglasses. The silver and the white/green hats are lovely.

    I always experience a frisson looking back at Max. She seems to grow more lovely with each passing year. A marvellous thing for a woman.

    • I agree sandra, she really has grown more lovely every year. Looking back at her earliest royal years, you can tell she’s really trying to get into it, but of course still doesn’t always look comfortable; nowadays she’s a pro!

    • Thank you SoCal Gal for your kind comments. I also love the fuchsia slice; I do wonder what it would look like if Máxima added something to the brim of a slice hat, like some lace detailing similar to what Princess Haya wore a few years ago at Ascot:
      Embed from Getty Images
      I think that would be a fun concept to try for Prinsjesdag!

  5. #s 8&9 are gorgeous. I wouldn’t want to have been sitting behind her at the church (#7)!
    Thanks, Jake, for the look at the adventurous hat wearing Queen Maxima.

  6. Thank you so much for this really colorful post! I can’t say I am longing to see number 7 again, although it signals an extremely confident hat-wearer who’s not afraid of the spectacular–and that, I like. Number 10 is too small, or somehow in the wrong scale, it seems to me, to be flattering. The two picture hats and the slice are sublime, and definitely worth repeating!

  7. I really like 6, 8 and 9. Max looks great in hats with a big brim – what I call a proper hat! I don’t like 10. It just seems too small for her. Also I don’t like hats that look like something growing out of the wearer’s forehead. Number 7 I have always felt was ridiculous, rude and inconsiderate. Ridiculous because it just is. Rude and inconsiderate because I assume that she wasn’t sitting in front of a wall. So some unfortunate person is sitting behind her and can’t see a darn thing except her blasted hat. Bad play all around.

    • I don’t think like this hat would block someone’s view anymore than many other hats featured on here; I just think the bright colors and large ripple effect of the brim are visually jarring for many people. Besides, I wouldn’t mind having my view partially blocked by a beautiful hat!

  8. My favourite by a country mile is the fuchsia velvet slice #9.
    I suspect that the red Spanish-dancer hat #7 has lacked its fair share of appreciation owing to its very odd pairing with a chunky coat-dress. There’s a good chance I would be won over if it were pushed further back on the forehead, and worn with an absolutely plain sheath dress in a neutral colour.

    • Like I said… I’d love to see the Spanish-inspired pink and red straw ruffled brim hat again, if only to see how it would be styled! Queen Máxima’s wardrobe has become sleeker since 2005 I think and I’m curious what her stylist would pair with it now. She has several streamlined, vibrant dresses (see here, here, here, here and here) that could be a winner but the occasion would have to be an…um…err… exuberant one! Maybe King’s Day on the King’s birthday in April?

    • I’d be curious to see #7 with a neutral colored outfit, like a plain black, grey, or white dress, with black being my first choice.

  9. Thanks for this wonderful post Jake! I adore these hats because of their boldness in color and scale. Queen Maxima can wear hats, and I love how she embraces any design and color.
    All these choices remind me of my favorite hat wearer, Princess Haya. Both ladies have exceptional flair and taste in hats. Why aren’t they best friends? Oh the hat stories they would tell!
    I do have one question, has Queen Maxima ever worn a Philip Treacy design? I would think their collaboration would be a match made in hat heaven (and this takes nothing away from the fabulous Fabienne Delvigne).

    • Thank you Shanon for your kind words; I’m glad you like the selection, which was hard to narrow down because there are a lot of good ones!

  10. Jake, these hats are a better morning eye-opener than my regular two cups! WOW! HQ is right – they’re not for the faint of heart.
    #6 white/green trim is new to me, and quite lovely.
    #7 red fluff is really out there – too far out for my more traditional taste.
    #8 silver is my favorite of the lot. I appreciate her rummaging back in the closet to 2003.
    #9 fuschia slice – I love the color on her, but it looks very heavy to wear, as do the all the winter slices.
    #10 watermelon/pink – very nice on the queen – something Kate would wear.

    • Haha, well I’m glad I could be part of your morning routine today! I was surprised to find #8 went all the way back to 2003, but I hope it’s not another 8 years in between until we see it again. #9 does look heavy, but velour felt is much lighter weight than it looks; I find wool felt to actually be heavier as it is not such a refined material.

  11. I really like no. 6 , she rarely wears that style but it suits her
    no. 8 I have never seen before, so thanks Jake, once again a style that really suits her, a bit reminisence of Camilla and Sophie.
    and you are absolutely right about the wedding hat is the biggest she has ever worn
    her style is rarely boring though a bit more predictable since she became queen

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