Queen Máxima Supports Professionals Helping Youth

Queen Máxima stepped out in her second calot hat in as many days to attend a conference for professionals in the fields of youth care and youth protection today in Utrecht. For this event, the Dutch Queen repeated her sculptural calot headpiece in beaded pinky-beige ruched silk abaca.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The last time we saw this full ensemble during a tour of Australia, it was worn with an orange beaded lobster necklace – an omission today that improves it dramatically. The hat hue is not a particularly striking one for Máxima but combined with a matching blouse, does well to balance the vibrant skirt. As far as working outfits go, it’s perfectly fine. Having seen some truly spectacular hats and ensembles on Queen  Máxima, however, ‘fine’ seems a little flat in comparison.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Nov 3, 2016;  Oct 25, 2015 Apr 2, 2014 
What do you think- is this ensemble improved or made more bland by the loss of lobster necklace?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Supports Professionals Helping Youth

  1. I’ve never cared for this hat, and I definitely think her hairstyle was the worst this time for it. The blouse is still unflattering, and this blush color kinda washes out Máxima. I do like the skirt though!

  2. I don’t like the hat and I never will, and as someone said, it looks like the hairdresser had a day off. I think she wears hats well, and would have loved to see anything but this one.

  3. I know QMqx had all sorts of considerations when choosing her outfits, including obviously her own personal preference, but if she only cared about millinery enthusiasts (at least this one anyway) I would suggest never every wearing these calot style hats anymore.

  4. The right hairstyle is critical for these small hats — and I’m afraid today’s hairstyle looks as if it was the hairdresser’s day off. This dainty hat looks merely plonked on – whereas the October 25, 2015 hairstyle echoes the swirls of the hat beautifully,
    But the attempt to marry this hat with this outfit is a lost cause in my opinion, lobster necklace or no lobster necklace.
    The lack of any necklace and the choice of neutral earrings in today’s attempt means that all the visual attention is focussed on the skirt, which makes the outfit unbalanced; where are those lovely orange earrings of 2016? But I would still prefer to pair a big hat with that bold skirt. I agree with Matthew that the aqua slacks are a better complement for this hat’s delicacy and subtlety.

  5. I like this hat. The pleating and beading are pretty. My only wish is that the left side end in a point or more graceful curve without the clumsy looking crimp. Picking up the pinky beige color in the skirt is a way to tone down this wild skirt outfit. The matching earrings also coordinate with the beads on the hat. I definitely prefer them to the lobster necklace.

  6. Correction to my previous post, I see that she’s wearing the jacket in the 2014 and 2015 photos, and I like those blue slacks with the top much better than the striped skirt. Interesting that she’s got a different kind of a bun in each wearing of the hat – the one in today’s appearance I think does the least for the hat.

  7. HatQueen, I’m guessing there aren’t many who will miss the lobster necklace! This is such an interesting hat, looking completely different depending on which angle it’s viewed from! And I’m very glad to see that back view that shows such a good close-up of that dusting of tiny beads on either side. The outfit, I’m less fond of. The top is great, but the striped skirt looks almost like an apron! What is that she’s carrying in photo #3 – is that a matching jacket? I didn’t notice any photos anywhere that show her wearing it, but I’ve only had time for a cursory look so far.

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