Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 1970 and Queen Elizabeth enjoying Ascot, despite the rain, in what looks to be a whimsical and rather vibrant striped pillbox. I don’t remember seeing this hat before- do any of you?

7 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Good job Jimbo!
    All 3 women look lovely. I especially like HM’s hat and outfit with its unusual combination of colours, its pattern mixing, and the positioning of the houndstooth pattern on the inside of the ensemble – so sharp! one of my fave hats (and looks) from the era!

  2. June 16, 1970 Royal Ascot: a beautifully colorful trio1
    Embed from Getty Images

      • Liz, by happy coincidence, 4 months ago today, on MAY 20, HQ posted an interesting Flashback of HM in an orange/black striped hat, where the conversation veered to the topic of stripes. Today, I just happened to remember posting today’s green/striped hat, along with what has recently been named the oldest working hat. (the beautiful hat with the cream striped jacket) Clearly, my memory should be exercised in more productive areas, I know! BTW, I liked the Queen mum’s ensemble the best of the three! Cheers to you, Jimbo.

      • HQ: This photo is even more interesting: you can see HM’s coordinating coat lining, and the queen mother’s hat and coat lining match also.
        There are also a couple hum-dingers in the crowd!
        Embed from Getty Images

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