Hats From the Past

Royal Hats to September 3, 1989 when members of the British royal family attended the Braemar games. While the Queen Mother’s peacock blue halo brimmed hat with feathers is a familiar shape and style for her, Princess Diana’s plaid pyramid is a bit perplexing

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14 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. I think this hat would have great potential today if it was tilted somewhat more to the right side and designed a bit more as a lot of disc headpieces are nowadays. The matching outfit, however, is definitely of its time!

  2. A lovely trip down memory lane. I still miss Princess Diana and remember her fondly. Love the dress and the matching hat. She certainly knew how to dress for the occasion or locale or both.

  3. Call me um [insert here] but I really like this hat even with the tartan “overkill”. I agree with mcncln however that with different styling this hat really sing. Love it anyway. Thank you HQ for showing this hat. I do not remember it and enjoyed seeing it.

  4. Isn’t really just a sort of overblown cap, which when of normal proportions is chiefly men’s casual wear? She did love to have fun with her clothes. Agreed that if you are suitably proportioned yourself, this might look smashing today. She certainly did; she had enviable self-confidence in dress.

    • Yes, you are exactly right, she did love to have fun with her clothes! That’s something that I sometimes miss seeing in the current royal scene, is a sense of fun and a sense of individuality in the approach to fashion.

    • Mcncln, you are amazing – that’s a great little video you found. What I found “perplexing,” as HQ put it, is that HM, just last week was spotted wearing Charles’s kilt from 1989! HA HA. Is this the official “Balmoral tartan?”
      Embed from Getty Images
      Designed by Prince Albert in 1857:

      • The kilt certainly does look like it’s the official Balmoral tartan – though heaven knows what Prince Albert would make of it being worn with that fluoro red blouse. For HM, that’s a very modern take on Balmoral dress. But then, Albert apparently decorated Balmoral in tartan carpet AND tartan curtains AND tartan upholstery – all together – so perhaps he wouldn’t mind.
        BTW, Charles wore a Balmoral kilt last year, and it is most probably the same kilt he’s had all along, including the 1989 photo. Even if he’s not the same size he was when he first got it, one of the great things about a kilt is that it’s so easily altered to accommodate weight change. I had the buckles and straps and clips of my vintage kilt repositioned to get the best fit when I bought it, and it wasn’t a problem. (well actually, it was for my very experienced Vietnamese seamstress, who had never seen a kilt before, and put the buckles on the wrong way) — but with the buckles now sorted, I expect, like royals, to wear my kilt for decades 🙂

      • Mcncln: SWEET story! Pictures are worth a thousand words! How about a shot of your vintage kilt, naturally accompanied by your favorite tam!

  5. I remember this one! I always rather liked it but now you say it, it’s a slightly odd shape isn’t it. Still she looks quite elegant, she really was it a great fashion stride at this point in the late 80s and really knew what suited her.

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