Queen Elizabeth Visits Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Queen Elizabeth visited the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary today to officially open the Robertson Family Roof Garden and meet patients and staff. For this engagement, she repeated a light blue hat in the same bouclé tweed as her coat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The hat’s shape, with an angular, domed top and upfolded brim, has become a familiar shape for Her Majesty. It’s a tough shape to trim attractively- the navy silk roses and leaves that embellish this design are tightly tucked between the crown and brim simply because it’s the only place for them to go. I think this style might be better suited to sweeping feathers able to avoid this awkward ‘tucked in trim’ look.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: Mar 16, 2017;  Nov 27, 2015
This is this hat’s third outing- any new thoughts about it to share?
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

  1. I still think the brim is rolled up far too high, and this is visually emphasized by the fact it’s sitting farther back on her head, especially compared to its first outing.

  2. The mismatch between the shape and the trim was the first thing I thought on seeing this. I do like the shape for a change, which means the trim needs to be different! Or even no trim at all.

  3. I always think tweed is very lovely, especially when worn in Scotland. The photo of Her Majesty at the stained glass window is one of my favorites, it sums up to me what The Queen’s reign has been, one of solemn dignity.

  4. I put my thumb over the Queen’s picture on my monitor and I really think this hat would have been better without the trim at all! I do although love the shape. Much better than some of Angela Kelly’s more “artful” hat shapes. It feels more balanced and symmetrical than the double-crowns and teardrop shaped hats from the recent past. It doesn’t ever get cold enough in my “neck of the woods” to wear the boucle fabric, but I do love to see it on Her Majesty. It’s got texture and variety of colors that I find interesting. Overall, I think this outing is a success. Happy weekend everyone!

  5. 1. Imagine the up-turned brim was an inch shorter, allowing for different embellishments to be seen; or would that adjustment ultimately make for a more unbalanced appearance?
    2. HM’s last photo of the stained glass and the silhouetted hat is wonderful.
    3. Happy weekend, everyone. We all need one!

  6. I agree with you, lovely Hat Queen! I think this needs feathers versus flowers. I really wish the brim wasn’t so tightly turned up. I’d like it “loosened” and “open” a bit more.

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