One Coat, Two Hats

Royal HatsThe Duchess of Gloucester has paired two hats with her dotted navy silk coat- one familiar and one that might be a surprise. I’m curious- which pairing do you prefer?

Look 1: With a navy straw stemmed beret at the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, June 6, 2013

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: With a navy and cream hat with sweeping wave brim trimmed with straw curls and navy feathers worn at Ascot, June 19, 2012 and at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, April 29, 2011

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

While you discuss the merits of these two hats (and wonder why the second hat has not been repeated more!), I’ll gently remind you all again to use the comments in this post to share any other royal hats that might be worn today.

Photo from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “One Coat, Two Hats

  1. I admit to not having paid much attention to the Duchess of Gloucester lately, so I wasn’t aware that she only mainly wore berets, but if you would like to see older photos of her in a wide variety of hat styles, here is a good Pinterest board to start with:

    As far as the two hats under discussion, I do like the big hat for the fancier occasions and think that a beret was possibly too informal for an event such as the anniversary of a coronation. It should be noted that the photo in the carriage is a bit of an anomaly — in other photos showing her wearing that hat while standing up, it doesn’t quite so much look like the ruffled collar is interfering with the hat. Also (hat styles aside) it’s interesting to note that the Getty Photos caption for that picture is “Britain’s Princess Eugenie (L) arrives for the first day of Royal Ascot 2012, in Ascot, west of London, on June 19, 2012”, totally ignoring the other lady in the carriage!

  2. Thanks for featuring the Duchess, who generally doesn’t get shown much. I like both looks, but I think the first one works better just because it is smaller and less fussy, so it doesn’t compete as much with the stand up ruffle collar. That second hat really needs to come out more with some different outfits. Stunning!

  3. I do like the beret, but as we see this hat in multiple colors at most of her public hatted appearances nowadays, it just seems so average.

    Of course my choice would be the wide brimmed beauty first worn at the Cambridge wedding. Even then it was such a departure from what Birgitte normally wears, and it probably is my favorite hat for her. Please bring it back Birgitte!

  4. A Belgian nobility wedding in France, between Nina Peers de Nieuwburg and Philippe Chevallier-Chantepie. Lots of guests in hats, so I’ll try to split them over a couple of posts.
    Count Charles-Henri d’Udekem and Elodie De Puyt

  5. It’s a tie; each chapeau looks fine. I love seeing this Duchess whenever she appears and in whatever ensemble she chooses.

  6. I like both. The coat is fabulous and I love the ruffle personally. The beret is a chic look which lets the coat be the star but the brimmed hat is fun and frivolous and perfect for a wedding or Ascot, and much more dramatic than Birgitte normally goes for.

  7. I think the larger hat together with the ruffle suits the dressy and celebratory occasions for which it was worn. It’s a lovely hat. I’d like to see it worn with the coat with the ruffle removed, I think it would look great, and more suitable to a range of engagements.

    The straw beret is underwhelming as a hat, but looks really good on the Duchess and with this suit. We’ve just seen it rather often…

  8. I really like this dressy coat on the Duchess of Gloucester and I would like to see a compromise hat, small enough to show her face and not compete with the collar, yet with the beauty and style of the larger hat.

  9. I had the same thought as others that the larger hat is competing with the collar. I know many are tired of her berets, but to me the first hat suits the coat best, and looks the most like “Birgitte”.

  10. Both hats are lovely in their own way (and suit the duchess). The beret is very effective and a good “working” hat. The other just shouts “wedding” or “Ascot”!

  11. The beret outfit is a good reminder to me that ruffles and polka dots, a la Princess Diana, need not be restricted to the young. ( And if only Queen Margrethe would swap her beanie hat for this one!) The slightly off-beat combination of the casual beret with the “old-fashioned” polka dots and ruffles is what, to me, makes this outfit feel chic and modern, even in 2017. My fave.
    As m banks-wilkinson suggests, the neck ruffle next to the big romantic hat is, by 2017 standards, an overload of prettiness – though where a wedding or Ascot is concerned, I think that certain exaggerations of style are permissible, even if they might be a little over the top. I wish far more that the Duchess had tied the outfit to the hat by choosing beige gloves and a beige handbag. The hat is totally gorgeous.

  12. If ever there is a time to pull out all the stops and dust off the Big Hat, it is Ascot. Brigitte is a real favourite of mine, and always seems eager to do her duty, so the idea of her in such a frivolous hat makes me smile. I agree that the larger hat isn’t the best choice with the collar of her coat, but it suits the occasion.

  13. The big hat just doesn’t sit well with the neck ruffle. Its the Duchess dotty workhorse outfit again (its lovely and cute with the beret) please HRH get a new outfit! The Gloucesters are a hard working and frugal couple who play a supporting role with aplomb, neither expected to need to step up to the Royal duties, but please no more navy polka dots!

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