‘New’ Hat From the Past #42

Royal Hats to October 21, 1988 and a bright fuschsia pink jacquard silk toque hat worn during a state visit to Spain. The bright colour and unique shape of this one makes it a standout design and leaves me surprised that I’d not seen it before. It his one familiar to you?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Please use the comments to also share any hats or royal hat news from today.

Photos from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “‘New’ Hat From the Past #42

  1. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to add this comment to the latest, most current blog of Beatrice’s hats, so here it is:
    Queen Elizabeth, today, October 19, 2017, in a rather new addition to her millinery closet:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Thanks for all the super photos everyone! Love the details on Princess Alexandra’s cream hat. I favor the Queen’s pink boater with the black bow. Don’t love the toque, leave it with Granny.

  3. On October 11th, Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko, Prince Akishino, Princess Kiko, and Princess Hisako attended a Nohgaku performance honoring the war dead:

  4. This hat was also worn for the Maundy service in March 1989: Embed from Getty Images.

    The coat was worn with a different brimmed hat only three days later for East service at Windsor:
    Embed from Getty Images

    The coat and the second hat were also repeated on Her Majesty’s birthday that year on a visit to Wales to review the Royal Welch Fusiliers:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    The coat was also worn with a coordinating shawl at Windsor to greet President Gorbachev on 7 April:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    That’s four wearings for the coat in a month with three different looks.

    • Excellent identification of these different variations James! If I remember rightly, the black bow came off the boater hat and it appeared into the early 1990s, but I can’t find a photo…..i’ll keep searching…

    • Thanks for those additional pics, James. I much prefer the second hat. The dress in the original post, which was made from the same fabric as the hat, did not reappear the next Spring with the new hat . The coat isn’t worn in the Gorbachev photos, just the new matching dress with the shawl.

    • I believe this photo on Pinterest might also be the same coat and the second hat with the bow removed but not the dark band.

      The caption reads: “In 1991, David Wood, 44, who is from Doncaster and has Asperger’s syndrome, presented the Queen with flowers.” The link is to a Daily Mail article which describes the event but does not give a specific date within 1991.

  5. Love the style and color on her Major. Perhaps it is because the style was a signature of her Grandmother she doesn’t wear it? It’s a fetching look for her

  6. I love everything about it, especially the color! It reminds me of someone else’s style!
    (Doesn’t Princess Lilibet look cute?)

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