Queen Elizabeth Marks Ship’s Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to HMS Sutherland at the West India Dock in London today to mark the 20th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning. For this event, she repeated her teal blue wool hourglass shaped hat trimmed with black velvet flowers and leaves.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

These photos show the exaggerated hourglass shape of the hat- something that sends it into ‘cartoonish’ territory thereby preventing me from completely warming to it. Shape quibbles aside, the colour is glorious and I adore how the black velvet trim ties in with the collar on Her Majesty’s coat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly.
Previously Worn: December 3, 2015; April 2, 2015October 16, 2014
Any new thoughts about this repeated hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Marks Ship’s Anniversary

  1. What I don’t like about this hat is the asymmetry of the brim paired with this exaggerated crown shape; if the brim was the same width all around (meaning the width of the right side where the floral trim is), then I think the crown would look better. But I agree, the color and trim is excellent.

  2. I enjoyed going back and reading all the past comments from the three previous wearings. I’m not as enamored of this hat anymore. However, I still love the contrasting color against the sea of poppies. (October 16, 2014)
    The following hat is in my opinion, the Gumby variation-on-a-theme to the extreme!

  3. Like many of you, I love the color and the trim. It works beautifully with the coat. I am, however, getting a little tired of this particular shape. I think Ms. Kelly needs to send that hat block on a long cruise to give it a rest. The recent series on the hats the Queen has worn in the past shows that there are many interesting shapes that she could wear.

  4. I can’t quarrel with a repeat of this hat and coat as many times as HM wishes to wear them, as this is my favorite color, and it looks great with black accents. (There is a full-length view of the coat in the oldest appearance, for those who didn’t check back.) To Whitney, I would suggest that HM seems to have a bit more hair than her mother did at this same age, so maybe there is actually still enough hair to anchor the hatpin into.

  5. I love your blog. Since I have been looking more critically at hats I have noticed something – women without lots of hair under their hats wearing hat pins. You can see the one here made especially for this hat. Anyone know where the pin goes? I mean, I know it’s an anchor to keep the hat on the head, but I thought that only worked when there was a mess of hair up under there to hold the sharp side of the pin. Queen Maxima often wears them, but they are usually jeweled/accent rather than made to blend in, so I thought perhaps that was why. But this one is clearly meant to be camouflaged. Anyone know what it’s about?

    • I’ve been wondering the same and found this on-line. “For fine hair, a pin can slip a little. To prevent this, try crossing bobby pins at the back of your head, and pin through that AND your hair.” Maybe someone can offer a more authoritative reply.

  6. Heavens is it only this hat’s 4th outing? It seems like it’s been many more. I still love the colours and concept, really quibble on the execution.

  7. I think its lovely, the colour and trim are just right on a grey autumn day. HM looks so happy and the whole outfit is a winner to me.

  8. Love the colour and the trim echoing the coat collar. As for the shape, I think it depends very much on the angle you see it from. It’s not my favourite, but mostly it just adds an element of surprise and I’m happy with that.

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