Princess Alexandra Celebrates Hospice Anniversary

Princess Alexandra commemorated 30 years of care at St Oswald’s Hospice this morning with a visit to the facility. For this visit, 30 years after she opened the care center, she repeated her purple felt hat with tall, domed crown, double hatband and upturned kettle brim.

Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats  Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats

Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats

Many of the royal hats we see rely on some sort of trimmings – feathers, flowers, twists, bows – to provide visual punch and I really like how the streamlined hantbands, one curved and one in a darker shade of purple, do the trick here. Like many of Alexandra’s other hats, I think the scale of this one is a twinge large for her but the colour is lovely and the overall ensemble is balanced.

Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats  Oct 25, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: April 24, 2015; October 25, 2013November 2010October 30, 2010
Today’s outing provided the best view of this hat we’ve seen in a very long time- what are your thoughts on it?

8 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Celebrates Hospice Anniversary

  1. I agree with everyone else that the crown of the hat is too big. It is in proportion to the brim though, so I don’t know if it would look out of balance if it were different. As for P Alexandra looking ‘tired,’ I doubt that has much to do with the hat. She has polymyalgia, and may have been having a flare-up and feeling lousy. I know BP announced at one point that she would give up engagements, but then she began them again – but not because she was ‘cured.’ PM is a chronic condition. It’s amazing she does as much as she does, especially at her age.

  2. An elegant hat, and a lovely colour, whether the clear blue of the outside photos, or the more purpley hue of the inside photos. It does look too big in the close up photos, but from further away the whole ensemble doesn’t look unbalanced.

  3. It’s a lovely hat, and right in her style. But you’re right it’s too big. It makes her look a bit tired because it casts a shadow, and she normally looks so vibrant. Love the colour in her, just give it a wee trim.

    • Yes! I adore the hat on her in profile, but the front view makes her look tired. Speaking as a lady no longer that young, I’ve noticed that hats that sit too low over the eyes tend to accentuate the bags. Maybe a view of the eyebrows gives some lift, or distracts/balances out what’s underneath. I used to look really good in hats like this, but now I can only wear them with sunglasses.

  4. In some of these photos, the hat and outfit look purple, in others they look almost royal blue — either way, it’s a lovely combination and perfect for early autumn. I agree that the brim is a bit too large — hides her face too much — but it does look good and suits the Princess well on this and all of the previous wearings.

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