Funeral of Thai King

Royal representatives from around the world gathered in Bangkok yesterday to pay respects to Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the first day of his official, three day funeral ceremony. The king, who is now known as King Rama IX, died October 13, 2016 and was, at the time, the world’s longest serving monarch.

Among the many royal mourners at yesterday’s cremation ceremony, three wore headpieces. Queen Máxima repeated her black open crowned headpiece (see a better view of this piece from its last outing over at this post) while Queen Mathilde wore a black calot hat with textured side trim. This piece doesn’t match with other black calots in Mathilde’s wardrobe so I can only assume it is new.  

Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein wore a black fascinator, presumably of flowers or feathers, tucked into the right side of her hair.

Photos of this event are scarce so instead, I quote our friends over at Luxarazzi: “There are hours and hours of coverage of the elaborate and fascinating funeral rituals over on Youtube, the royals can be spotted in these ones here and here, for example.
Photos from social media as indicated

4 thoughts on “Funeral of Thai King

  1. Not that many hats to comment on, but after noticing that his funeral appeared to be a whole year after his death, and wondering if that was a typo (it isn’t), I decided to find out more about this king. I recommend that you read the Wikipedia article on “King Rama IX” and from there follow the link to “Death and funeral” which includes a list of all the foreign dignitaries who paid their respects during the lying in state, which lasts a whole year, as well as the fascinating tidbit that the funeral and cremation cost over $30 million US!

  2. I’m actually a little surprised we saw any headpieces at all considering this was an after dark event. But at any rate, I was glad we were given these few.

    In my opinion, Máxima looked most elegant and regal, and I think this was the best outing for this hat; her hair was stunning and incorporated this hat so well, and the long dress paired perfectly; watch the videos posted by Luxarazzi as they show her and the hat in motion, which demonstrates just how amazing she looked. Mathilde also looked very elegant and her calot was quite appropriate for the occasion; I just wished she had worn some sort of necklace, like a simple pearl strand. Based on what I could tell from the video, Margaretha’s fascinator look like a group of feathers surrounding by a small circle of crinoline veiling, which looked lovely on her.

  3. For those readers whose only experience with the death of a Thai king is the final scene of “The King and I”, you may want to go over to the Twitter feed of Saksith Saiyasombut (the first photo), scroll down a bit and read it back up to the top – I have no idea who he is, but he did a fascinating live-tweet of the funeral procession, the service, and the royal cremation.

    • Thanks, Matthew. That was an interesting Twitter feed. I hadn’t realized the late Thai king’s funeral was held a year after his death, and over a five-day period.

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