Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to an event, fifty-five years ago, that saw Queen Juliana in a voluminous, white satin hat. Can any of you help identify what occasion this was in 1962?

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12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. No disrespect meant to Queen Juliana, but to me it looks an awful lot like one of those satin covers that ladies put over their hair curlers at night back then – my mother had a whole set of them!

  2. Thank you mcncln for the newsfootage ! Lovely images of the royal couple and their four grown up daughters in happy circumstances. At the end there are some images of the evening reception with a dazzling display of European royals in glittering tiara’s. I was just one year old at the time, so of course I have no recollection of the event.
    The hat seems to have a brim made of tulle, filled with coiled up crin, I think. Must be narrow bands of crin, what else could it be ? And crin was much used in the sixties. Possibly made by Agatha Cornelis Postma, who made a certain number of hats for the late Queen Juliana over a longer period, from the years after WW II until the 1970’s. (Source : “Ontwerpers van Oranje” by Els Smit, “Designers for the House of Orange”)

    • Great information, Wies! The festivities must have been thrilling at a time when Europe was still recovering from the war.

  3. I believe it was Queen Juliana’s and Prince Bernhard’s silver anniversary celebration. They were on their way through Amsterdam either to or from a trip on the River Amstel on the Royal Barge as part of their celebrations.

  4. It seems the royal couple are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary:
    More stills here: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/afbeeldingen/fotocollectie/zoeken/weergave/detail/tstart/0/start/108/f/Persoons_instellingsnaam/Juliana%2C%20koningin

    A closer look:

    At first I thought the hat was a ruched satin bonnet, rather like a satin cushion, but the “closer look” pic has me mystified. Are there really massed coils of stiffened white tape jammed inside a tube “stocking” of sheer net? I’m not sure that I want to know any more!
    Anyway, from a distance (how most people would have seen it) the hat looks lovely, working very well indeed with the overall ensemble.

    • Queen Juliana, September 19, 1961: Opening of Parliament. If it’s not the same, it is certainly a variation on said theme. Sorry, I couldn’t find a better close-up shot.

    • Wow – that’s rare to see QEII at a foreign royal event. She hardly attends any – ever.

      The hat? Well you can see where Beatrix gets it from!

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