Princess Alexandra Visits Veteran Care Facility

Princess Alexandra was in Worthington, Leicestershire, yesterday to visit staff and patients at Care For Veterans, a rehabilitation and nursing facility for former Service personnel of all ages. For this visit, she repeated a hat in dove grey straw with tall, flat crown and cartwheel brim trimmed with a large straw-petalled flower. Bow loops in grey straw and a few slim grey feathers complete the design.

The size and scale of this hat are typical for Alexandra who seems to prefer millinery with taller than usual crowns. Straw keeps this design light while the monochrome palate makes it work for autumn- it looks airy but not completely summery. Head to hem ensembles in grey can be heavy and drab but this one, thanks in great part to the hat, is light and fresh.

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: July 2, 2003
Thoughts about Princess Alexandra”s new hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Visits Veteran Care Facility

  1. The color isn’t very exciting, but she looks positively wonderful. I really like the trim on this hat, especially as the trim on a lot of her other hats look very similar.

  2. this is Alexandra’s signature hat and placement, some royal lady’s can be recognized just by their hats. if I were an artist I think only a few pencil strokes would be enough to guess which hat belongs to which lady.

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