Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 2017

Members of the Norwegian royal family attended the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony yesterday in Oslo.

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Queen Sonja wore a black cuffed bumper hat on the back of her head in the style of a calot. The back of the design appears to feature a ruffled bow.  The smaller scale of this design is a common choice for Sonja- it works well with her hair and the Norwegian queen’s petite stature. A better peek at the back detail might endear me more to this design- as it sits now, it’s a bit bland.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
This event was Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s first appearance requiring millinery following her treatment earlier this fall for Benign Positional Vertigo. As such, it was no surprise that her headwear was extremely minimal- a simple black Prada headband. Here’s hoping she is able to recover enough that larger scale headpieces and hats become possible for her to wear again.

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There’s no two ways about it- this hat and headband aren’t terribly exciting. Surprisingly… I’m not sure they needed to be. As much as most of us love to see a hat as the focus of an ensemble, sometimes it needs to be a more simple accessory, tying an ensemble together instead of stepping out as the star.
Designer: Prada. Coat by TSH, dress by Prada
Previously Worn: I believe this piece is new 
Both the queen and crown princess wore beautiful statement coats yesterday, coats that would have been thrown off balance by statement hats. And at this particular event –  one of considerable global significance – I wonder if millinery not seeking its own star power might be a good thing.
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6 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony 2017

  1. I’m usually underwhelmed by the millinery at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, and this year is no different. But I also know the Norwegians aren’t fussy with their hats (usually), and the importance of this event isn’t these hats, but rather the recipients of the prize. Overall, this is very much in line with what I expected to see and I’m neutral about the hats, but I do like Sonja’s burgundy velvet jacket and Haakon’s lavender tie (as purely sartorial sidenotes haha).

  2. Well said, HQ, sometimes less is more. I look forward to Mette-Marit’s Nobel appearance every year, because she never disappoints — her headbands and headpieces never look better than when paired with her formal Nobel hairstyle and rich dressy ensembles.
    Queen Sonja’s velvet jacket worn with black (she wore a navy one in 2016 and a purple one in 2014, so she’s clearly a velvet jacket fan) is richly formal, and the bumper hat is fine, but I prefer the black (sometimes veiled) calot she has worn in recent years as it has a “lighter” feel, which I think works even better for an indoor event:
    and I miss this sequinned cone hat!×0-1.jpg

    • When I first saw this hat, I assumed it was a repeat because it’s so similar to things we’ve Queen Sonja’s wear before. You’re right- the other calot has a lighter feel thanks to the net veil. The sequinned beret pyramid is just fun!

  3. Headbands inevitably give me a headache after a while, unlike hats. No matter, benign positional vertigo is a miserable affliction, I hear. Hopefully her treatment was successful.

    • I’ve had BPV and it’s awful. Mine is mild enough that when it comes over me, my husband can help me do the Eppley procedures to get over it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!

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