Top Royal Hats October & November 2017

Our races for top new and repeated royal hats worn in October and November this year came up with two very clear winners:

Countess of Wessex’s natural straw hat with lattice brim and coral feather by Jane Taylor worn in Brunei Oct 5

Princess Charlene’s navy felt hat with cartwheel brim by Gallia e Peter worn for National Day on Nov 19 

Jump over to the original polls (repeated hats here, new designs here) for a closer look at the results or over here to see your growing lists of finalists for 2017. Stay tuned tomorrow for our last semifinal poll of the year.

Photos from The British Monarchy and SC Pool/Corbis via Getty

2 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats October & November 2017

  1. Kisaval, I personally don’t see the “floating above the head” effect that you are describing — I think it’s just the latticework and the shadows that might be causing that — but here is a different photo that shows the base, as you were wishing:

    (Photo credit to @royalfamily official Twitter account of Buckingham Palace)

  2. Both of these hats are winners, but I have an issue with how each is placed on the head. Sophie’s hat seems to be floating an inch or so above her head. It is probably just the photo and in another view one would see a base that would make the hat seem more “anchored”. I would like to see Charlene place her hat at a lesser angle. Just my opinion, wondering what the rest of you think.

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