Inventory: Princess Victoria’s Red Hats

One millinery closet we have yet to peek into during our inventory series is the one belonging to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. We’re going to remedy that today with a look at all the red designs in Princess Victoria’s wardrobe. Surprisingly, there are just three for us to view-  here they are in the order they were introduced:

1.May 20, 2003  | Royal Hats  2.Nov 19, 2005 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats 

Designer: unknown ( I suspect Britta von Koenigsegg); Fabienne Delvigne
First Worn: May 20, 2003; November 19, 2005

3.Dec 1, 2017 in Corinne Hair Accessories | Royal Hats     

Designer:  Corinne Hair Accessories Leather Bowtie
First Worn: December 1, 2017

Princess Victoria does not wear hats to most regular engagements but even so- the amount of state functions she has attended over the years as a full-time, working royal leaves me surprised at this small group. Even more interesting is the 12 year gap between #2 and #3. I’m truly astounded have not been repeated- they are both classically styled pieces that, paired with the right ensembles, could work without looking dated today. The draped hatband on #1 is an especially lovely detail.

We’re going to have to delve further into the other hues of hats in Princess Victoria’s wardrobe to see if this trend continues- I have a hunch we’re going to be surprised by how few hats she actually has. In the meantime, what do you think of these red designs?

Photos from IBL; Pool via Getty; Jonas Ekstrommer/TT

11 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Victoria’s Red Hats

  1. While hat # 2 does need better folding or shaping of the brim as commenters have said, I like all these hats. I like them even more because red next to brown eyes and dark brown hair is such a successful combination. But what strikes me most from this assemblage is just how very very good CP Victoria looks in a widebrimmed hat. Her square face with its strong clean lines is the perfect foil for the sweep and drama of a large hat. Maxima and Camilla are the current queens of the widebrimmed hat, but Victoria could so give them a run for their money. If only. I can’t help giving a sigh for past hat-wearing opportunities lost…

  2. As long as we’re suggesting additional red hats for CP Victoria, I think she would look great in that red velvet percher worn by Autumn Phillips that was one of last year’s top hats.

    Regarding the leather bow, I agree that it is the wrong shade of red, and that a matching cocktail hat might have looked great with that suit, but I will have to take issue with the twice stated view that the bow is juvenile. I have seen a number of women with their hair up wearing very similar bows, and I live in a 55+ community, so those women are a lot older than CP Victoria!

    • I’m with you on the red velvet percher, Matthew!

      Good point about bows — they always make me think of Rose Marie in the old Dick Van Dyke Show. (Sorry — only those in the US will get that reference!) They’re OK for a retro look, but definitely not as good as a cocktail hat.

  3. I agree with others that more red hats are needed for Victoria. My favorite hat here is #2, but they all are good choices, even if #3 barely qualifies haha.

    What I often notice about Victoria specifically (and Wies Mauduit touched on this) is that many hats can look quite intense on her, but not in the most flattering way. I think this is because of her more square face and strong jawline combined with tight and severe updo hairstyles. If she had let her hair down or done a looser updo with hat #2, I think it would look better. The bow (and other smaller headpieces) works better with her preferred hairstyles.

  4. Red looks lovely on CP Victoria. But hat number 2 seems to be the only one of the three that is custom made: the colour of the sinamay matches the silk coat. Maybe this was a grander occasion than the other two ? It is a pity though the brim cuts straight across the face, maybe a more gentle slope would have been more flattering. It may be due to the fact that the brim is not cut on the bias, it is difficult to see the detail of the weaving.

  5. Red suits her complexion well. Her features stand out against the color. My #1 is my favorite. It reminds me of Princess Masako’s winning hat. I am not sure of #2. Maybe the trim turned upward threw me off.
    But the one that really puzzled me was #3. Why bother? The color does not match the coat, plus the bow is somewhat juvenile for her.
    But overall I hope Princess Victoria wears more hats in the future, preferably red.

    • I’m with you Mary! CP Victoria needs an up to date red hat in her millinery closet. I llove Queen Maxima’s red Garbo hat and wish she would wear it more often or just loan it to CP Victoria! I do confess though that I like the fuzzy #2.

  6. Red is a great colour on her, but none of these quite do it for me. #1 is the best, but a bit dated I think, and the wrong red for the jacket. She’s got the same issue with #3, those reds clash and that fabulous suit could have handled a much more dramatic hat. #2 is okay I guess, I just don’t think she manages this shredded titfer look as well as Queen Máx.

    Hmm. A mixed bag I think.

  7. I really like the first one. The second one is too fuzzy for my taste, and the red leather bow is just odd to me. Simultaneously juvenile and yet leather?

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