Swedish Royals Celebrate Lithuanian Independence

Crow Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were in Vilnius, Lithuania today to participate in celebrations of the country’s centenary anniversary of independence.  Part of the day’s program included raising flags of the three Baltic nations in Daukanto Square and for this, Princess Victoria wore a tall, straight sided bumper hat in black faux fur.

Feb 16, 2018 | Royal Hats

Feb 16, 2018 | Royal Hats Feb 16, 2018 | Royal Hats

Designer: Alline Stockholm
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
This is not a shape or style we’ve seen on Princess Victoria and it works well with her trademark chignon, the fur collar on her coat and practically, for an outdoor winter event. This piece is a slightly more tailored and streamlined version of the black alpaca fur hat the Duchess of Cambridge wore in Sweden recently and while we will never know if one hat inspired the other, it’s great to see these young royals embracing more traditional hat shapes in a modern way.
Photos from The Office of the President of Lithuania; Zygimantas Gedvila/TT; Zygimantas Gedvila/TT

15 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Celebrate Lithuanian Independence

  1. Not a fan of this hat. Has Victoria tried to give it a jaunty tilt by dropping it slightly over her left eyebrow, or did it just slide down there because it is too big? very awkward. Here’s another view of the slippage: https://www.svenskdam.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/victoria-daniel-vilnius-ibl-1-700×394.jpg
    My main concern is that the scale is too large and the geometry too severe to flatter the Crown Princess. A hat of this size needs a longer face for balance.

  2. Hooray for CPV in a real hat! Agreed that it is a good style for her — very sleek and modern. The chignon with the high collar of the coat looks a little crowded, though.

  3. I love the hat on Victoria! I wasn’t as fond of the coat, as someone said it is too busy. If it was a solid black then even the scarf at the neck would have been a nice pop of color. Makes me wonder if Victoria wouldn’t look wonderful in an all white coat and fur hat? Her dark coloring would look stunning against a backdrop of winter white!

  4. I am going to buck the trend here. I don’t like this hat on Victoria. It looks like it is too big and does nothing for her. I also think the coat is hideous.

  5. It’s quite a chic outfit. The hat isn’t the star here, the coat has enough going on (and is a twin of the one she welcome Will and Kate in, so she likes it a lot!)

  6. Not a style of hat we often see on younger royals, but I’m glad these are making a comeback. This one looks very chic on Victoria and frames her face nicely, and I like that this is at a slightly jaunty angle too.

    While it is similar to Kate’s alpaca one, I think the volume of Kate’s hat wouldn’t look as good on Victoria and her preferred severe chignon hairstyles, which call for something more streamlined; Kate’s alpaca one works well with her more natural and voluminous wavy hair.

  7. Lovely hat on the Crown Princess. I just wish there was a little more color, other than black, in her ensemble. The scarf is beautiful but I would have loved the hat in a jewel tone, perhaps purple or royal blue?

  8. Interesting that she wore a hat for this event, but not for the arrival of the Cambridges in her own country – I would have imagined that it would have been colder there. Speculating that protocol called for a hat here, rather than it being worn for warmth. I agree with you and Rebecca that it’s a good style that works very well.

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