Hat From the Past

Royal Hats sixty years to March 25, 1958 when Queen Juliana and Queen Elizabeth visited the Asscher diamond factory in Amsterdam in a matching pair of flower covered casque hats.

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16 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Any idea what colour the Queens were wearing??
    My eyes are still becoming accustomed to the regular light after being dazzled with all those Diamonds at the theatre!
    Granny’s Chips looking resplendent – as always

  2. I like the way Queen Juliana’s hat curves into her forehead on the right side of her head. I do wish we could see them in color. I like flowers, though I am not sure I like that many of them on a hat. I know they were of their day. QEII’s suit is beautiful with that sweet satin bow and then—the cullinan brooch! How appropriate for a diamond factory tour. Is that where the cullinan diamond was cut? Does anybody know? I could go check Order of Splendor to know for sure. Thank you, Jimbo, for the video. That was great seeing the hat from different angles.

    • A better shot of the suit from this outing at Heathrow Airport.
      April 30, 1959
      Embed from Getty Images

  3. For this visit QE II wore Cullinans iii and iv known as Granny’s Chips so that the elderly Mr. Ascheer who had cut the Cullinans diamond could see them again. You can see them on her coat in the photograph.

  4. These hats are a breath of spring. I remember going to a wedding at about this time. I was about six and had a pale blue organdy dress with matching linen coat. My hat was very like these hats, covered in tiny blue flowers. My mother was very chic (I thought) in a navy blue and white figured sheath dress and a large white hat. I’m sure the bride was lovely too……..

    • What a vivid memory, Glitter Girl! Your ensembles sound lovely — are you sure you’re not a royal? 😉

    • These floral hats are so lovely. I agree GG, they are a breath of spring, providing a pretty unstructured softness about the face, and a nice contrast to the rather boxy suit silhouettes and the often heavy textured fabrics used at the time. When worn with a delicate flower print dress, as Juliana has done, it’s more of a garden party/raceday look, but still very pretty (even though I’m not convinced about the fur stole as a spring accessory).

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