Seeing Quadruple: Duchess of Cornwall

Royal HatsThirteen years ago today, the Duchess of Cornwall arrived at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the most wonderful Philip Treacy designed headpiece in gold burnt and arrow trimmed feathers studded in Swarovski crystals.

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Interestingly, this is not the only headpiece Philip Treacy made in this style for the Duchess:

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Ice blue arrow trimmed feathers Sep 10, 2005 at her son Tom’s wedding and April 30, 2013 for the Dutch inauguration

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Black and white feathers attached to a black straw calot base for The Garter Service, June 13, 2005 

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Sea foam green feathers with beaded flowers for Trooping the Colour on June 14, 2008
(repeated for Zara Tindall’s wedding on July 30, 2011)

There’s no denying this style of feather headpiece makes a significant statement. The first three all debuted in mid 2005 and I’m still surprised that such similar pieces would appear so closely together. I can’t imagine these are easy pieces to carry off but Camilla manages to do just that, greatly aided by her fluffy hairstyle. It’s been several years since we’ve seen any of these designs, leading me to sadly suspect their retirements. Looking back, which version of this style do you like best?

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24 thoughts on “Seeing Quadruple: Duchess of Cornwall

  1. #1 Ice blue arrow-trimmed feathers, then #2 the black and white feathers on calot base.
    The hat the Duchess wore for her registry office wedding, was so wonderful and I don’t think the “halo” she wore later compared, so I am the lone dissenter here!
    The bottom sea foam feathers are just too much “froth” for my taste.

  2. The DoCornwall’s wedding look is one of my favorite royal wedding looks ever, and my favorite DoC look full stop. She is glorious and gorgeous and the hat and coat pairing are what makes it. The golden headpiece looks like a modern halo and is wonderful with her flowing hair and features. That’s seriously how I want to look getting married.

    She really does carry the style well, I think her slender face shape and fluffy flowy hair really allow the millinery shape to shine. I think with shorter or flatter or scraped-into-an updo hair, this style of headpiece would look strange.

    I like the black and white version second to the wedding one, it shows that the shape can be adapted well to a bold graphic look. The green one is my least favorite. The flowers on the front make me think of a pacific-island headdress and the feathered (rather than sharp or arrow) ends on the crown bits are a bit light and thus blowy/flowy for my taste. The green one actually reminds me of some of QEIIs strange flowered/flower dripping turbans (in feel if not in shape e.g. of the 60s-70s.

  3. Her wedding head piece is the best of the lot. Something about the color esp. with it not being so obviously matched to the dress and the shade of it against her hair is just stunning.

  4. I don’t think you can top her wedding look. It will always be one of her best. The pale blue was also lovely. For some reason, I am really loving the black and white which is unusual as it normally wouldn’t appeal to me. Maybe it is because this it the first time I have seen that piece. The 4th one reminds me of what comes out of those little cannons that shoot out confetti at sporting events and parades. It looks like it just exploded!

  5. The one worn at her own wedding was/is PERFECT. Such a statement but not over the top and goes perfectly with her gown & coat. I feel the others aren’t as balanced. The blue one worn to her son’s wedding and the Dutch inauguration is the next best one, somehow it looks fluffier at the Dutch event so maybe it was refreshed a bit or more feathers added. The other two are not successful at all, particularly the one worn to Zara’s wedding. It looks like a flower girls headpiece on steroids, it’s just too big.

  6. It had never occurred to me that 2 and 4 were twins to the wedding fascinator, but I see it now. Obviously the wedding hat is the most stunning; that day Camilla silenced the detractors and showed she could be a very glamorous woman.

    I loved number 3 when it was seen, sadly only once! Number 2 was also worn for Peter Phillips’ wedding and I was a fan of that too. 4 could do with a slight haircut though.

    I’d like to see Camilla reach back and do a repeat on some of these – and we know she likes to get good value from her hats!

  7. I agree with many others here that the wedding fascinator looks the best here; in fact, I find Camilla’s whole wedding ensemble to be quite underrated. I always thought she looked absolutely fantastic at her wedding!

    The ice blue one looked best at the Dutch inauguration (, while the last one looked much better at Zara’s wedding.

    The black & white garter hat is one I’ve surprisingly never seen before! Something seems a bit off with the feathers in the front, but it looks great from the back; it’s such a daring design few could pull off, so I’m gonna give it thumbs up despite its flaws!

  8. Thank you for this post! My favorite one of the 4 is her wedding headpiece! The sea foam green headpiece is a little too over the top for me!

  9. I must say the one she wore for her wedding is my favorite. The one Camilla wore for the Trooping the Color is my least favorite. It seems too busy especially with her fluffy hairstyle. The other two are definitely statement headgear but I like her large hats she has been wearing lately.

  10. The lines of the wedding headdress are sharp and clear and offer a good contrast to the Duchesses soft hair. While the other pieces are interesting I find they have too much going on whether in colour or extra ornamentation. The shape is dramatic enough.

  11. Her wedding headpiece was a perfect match with the wearer and outfit, couldn’t have been better and very suitable for a mature bride. The mother-of-the groom and Garter headpieces are also good and suit her, but the final one, while a lovely colour, is (for me) ruined by those three large ‘orchids’ at the base. Without them the piece would fly, with them it’s very definitely earth-bound and that bit OTT which none of the others, surprisingly, are.

  12. All four headpieces are magnificent. Maybe the first one is the most memorable, by its colour and the way it crowned Camilla’s head, beautiful and triumphant I thought at the time.

  13. Something about her wedding version just clicks it a way the others don’t. There’s perfect synergy of headpiece, wearer and ensemble. I wonder whether that success inspired the creation of the others.

    • I agree; the one she wore for her wedding is head and shoulders (sorry!) above the rest. But the black and white one is striking too, albeit a hat that would not look out of place in Cruella de Ville’s wardrobe.

  14. Wonderful to see all these “pieces” together. Thank you! I loved the wedding outfit, simply stunning. Wasn’t Camilla also wearing something in that style for the Dutch inauguration?

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