Crown Princess Mary Opens Hospital

Crown Princess Mary was in Slagelse this morning to officially open a new hospital. She follows the custom of wearing a hat for such openings and today was no different, although she surprised in a hat we’ve not seen in almost four years. In palest pink felt, the calot hat has the loveliest of curved sides and is trimmed with felt leaves and a spray of light feathers. The trim balances the subtle colour, which looks so great against Mary’s dark hair and the hat’s weight and material works well across several seasons, including the current transition to spring. It’s a pretty pretty with much potential to be a solid workhorse.


Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: May 12, 2014
Jump over to this gallery on the Danish Monarchy page for a view of the full ensemble (with some killer shoes). Thoughts about this hat’s second outing today?
Photos from AFP; and Claus Bech via Getty

20 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary Opens Hospital

  1. I loved her hat and it looked lovely with the way she had the hair done, and both hat and hair goes very well with the skirt and top. And to complete the look beautifully she wore amazing shoes, that were perfect choice for the color of the outfit.

  2. Hmm. CP Mary is usually a master of wearing her hair down with style when it comes to brimless hats .
    However, I see that Mary has shifted her part to her left, (compared to 4 years ago when it was on her right) and in my view it’s to the detriment of this asymmetrically-shaped hat. The hat now looks less balanced — too heavy on Mary’s right when viewed from the front — and it appears to be sitting further forward (which it isn’t – the new placement of the part makes her hairline appear to start further back). 4 years ago, the sweep of the bulk of her forehead hair to her left balanced out the bulk of the feathers on her right; and in this leftside view on that day, it seems to me that the generous sweep of her forehead hair beautifully mirrors the downcurving leftside edge line of the hat:
    Now that Mary has the bulk of her forehead hair swept to her right in this outing, the effect of that sweep (seen now from the right, the feathered side, pic 1 above) doesn’t look nearly as effective. Partly it’s because the line of the hat follows a different trajectory on her right; and partly because hair often doesn’t behave the same way, or have the same volume, when the part is moved to the opposite side. (at least, that’s what hairdressers have told me, and I’ve found the same thing when I’ve moved my hair part in the past). I feel a right-side part (still with hair down) would have considerably sharpened and lifted the hat’s look.
    I also agree with those who feel that the skirt and blouse are not contributing enough to the overall ensemble.

  3. Pictures I have seen of Mary inside the hospital show the skirt and hat match what appears to be almost perfectly and there is more contrast between the blouse and the skirt/hat. It does look better with the inside light. I really like the hat, but still think we haven’t seen it styled to it’s best advantage yet.

  4. I agree with most that the hat is delightful, but the rest of the ensemble looks like she just stepped away from her desk. Even a jacket would have helped. And perhaps a tidy chignon…..

  5. The hat is far too fussy in my opinion, for coordination with what comes off as a very casual top – almost looks like a Henley top with a school girl skirt. The hat is nice enough, just not with that outfit.

  6. The outdoor lighting in these photos looks to be washing out the color here, so I hope we get to see this again soon in better lighting to show off its true color potential. That said, the hat is a great addition and in a color we don’t see Mary wear very often (if at all?). Her shoes are also great, but like Edie said, the dress is a bit boring (or if it’s a blouse and skirt, I blame the blouse); add a blazer or cardigan in a different color for some contrast, and I think this whole ensemble would be a hit!

  7. This is wonderful. The hat is great. Interesting but not overwhelming. I love the curving shape, the trim is fun, and I feel like it’s different from a lot of the things we’ve seen lately. Really successful, and lovely on her dark hair. I like the blouse and skirt too, they feel springy but still suitable for cool weather.

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