Crown Princess Victoria: Green Hats

While green is not a colour I associate strongly with Crown Princess Victoria, there are two headpieces in this hue to be found in her millinery closet:

1.    2.Oct 3, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designers: both are unknown
Introduced: July 2, 2011; Oct 3, 2017

The texture on the seafoam calot is both unique and interesting (I suspect the colour changes with movement) but my favourite here is the dark green ribbon flower piece Victoria added last fall. The darker shade is really lovely on Victoria and the scale and placement of the piece works beautifully with her go-to chignon- it reminds how successfully a small headpiece can bring that little extra bit of presence and pinache to a daytime working royal ensemble. Both of these pieces have only been worn once and I hope we see them repeated.

Photos from Mark Piasecki via Getty and Stella Pictures

6 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria: Green Hats

  1. I love that dark green flower piece. It’s much bigger than what she usually wears now. I also like her softer hairstyle on the calot. It’s proof that she doesn’t need to pull back her hair so tightly all the time.

  2. I love the headpieces worn by Swedish royals, and these are 2 gorgeous examples.
    Warm greens such as lime green (‘sixties revival) and olive green (‘fifties Modernist revival) still dominate popular design; but these less-ubiquitous cool blue-greens are perfect for Victoria’s colouring, so I too hope she uses these shades in her millinery again.

  3. I love the dark green hat, hope we see it again.

    I agree, we need more green hats from Victoria and in general from all royals.

  4. In a recent post, Victoria’s hair style was discussed. I think her hair looks softer in the photo with the seafoam calot. I like it better. A little bit more hair near her face is flattering.

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