Queen Starts London Marathon

Showing her continued willingness to embrace modern technology, Queen Elizabeth stepped onto the lawn at Winsdor Castle yesterday morning to press a button that officially started the London marathon. To set off 40,000 runners on the 26.2 miles from Blackheath to the race finish on The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace, the Queen repeated her bright coral pink straw hat with hourglass shaped, domed crown and gently upswept brim, trimmed with side straw twists and a wide arc of pink feathers.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

While I’m not a fan of these hourglass shaped crowns, the colour on this piece is wonderful and the hat’s trimmings, are just the right amount of exuberance without going over the top. I had forgotten how the coral and white silk print on Her Majesty’s dress is also used for braided trim on her cuffs and pockets- perhaps a touch that would be shown to even greater effect with a few white feathers added to the hat?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: June 17, 2016
What do you think of this hat on its second outing?
Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen Starts London Marathon

  1. Pretty hat in a pretty colour and the trim is just right. Well done, AK. Yes, there do appear to be one or two white feathers in the mix, but a few more wouldn’t go amiss. Congrats HM on becoming a great-grandmother again. George must be thrilled to have a brother to keep up with all those girls!

  2. This is a beautiful outfit and a flattering hat. It looks as though there really are a few white feathers in the hat, just not enough apparently to appear from a distance.
    I too hope that we get a sighting of the dress worn without the coat.

  3. I’m so thrilled at this hat’s long-awaited reappearance as it’s one of my favorites worn in recent years. On the rare occasions when Angela Kelly gets it right, she can really do a smashing job!

  4. I agree that a few pure white feathers would add a little fun contrast in the hat, but otherwise it’s a great piece for HM. I’m just shocked it took so long for her to repeat this one.

    • Jake, I agree with you 100% on all 3 of your statements. I was blown away 2 years ago with the debut of HM’s coral ensemble. The jury is out on the dress pattern, though. (See the last photo for a peak) I’m keeping my eye out for her wearing it at an investure or something else where the coat is not worn.
      Now for a totally NON-hat question directed primarily to our British reading friends: Why is that long, red painted road leading to Buckingham Palace pronounced “the MAL,” as in wardrobe mal-function? The obviously assumed pronunciation is “the MALL,” as in “the bear mauled the woman with the disMAL hat.” I’m not Henry Higgins, but just curious.

      • Jimbo, both pronunciations are acceptable. If you watch Princess Ann being interviewed by Michael Parkinson after the attempted kidnap (it is on YouTube)I think I remember that she says MAUL.

        • Barbara, thank you for the kind note. I get a kick out of some Brits when they add an “R” in between a word ending with an “A” vowel, and a word beginning with a vowel, such as “I ate tuna(r) on Good Friday.” It’s actually called an intrusive or linking R. Parts of England, Wales and America (Boston comes to mind) employ them.

          • So as a fully paid up Brit I’ve just been practising that… I absolutely use an intrusive R. Well I never knew that before!!

  5. This is a lovely hat. The trim successfully hides the hourglass shape. The shape of the crown might actually be good to make room for the large curls and feathers of the trim. I see some white feathers in the mix, but they don’t stand out in most views. Great color!

    • Yes there do seem to be some feathers which are, at least, a lighter shade of pink than the rest, though I suspect they are not white. At any rate, the different colour adds nice depth to the feather spray. This is such a pretty hat!

  6. This colour is so lovely on Her Majesty. I really like the softness of this hat, but I agree with Hat Queen that a little white would make it even better.

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