Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 34 years ago this month to a radiant Princess of Wales (expecting Prince Harry) in a smart cream and navy felt hat with upsweep and veil trim. I’m not sure about the sharply upswept mini brim- adorable, yes, but does it work in this scale?

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19 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

    • Dd, this isn’t a twin, but perhaps a kissing cousin. Were you maybe thinking of this one?

      June 1, 1988 Epsom Races
      Embed from Getty Images

  1. I love the hat. I don’t mind the hat seeming to sit on the hair. I will take that over the odd fascinators that completely defy gravity and sit above the head or so far to the side of the head it looks ridiculous. I must agree though Diana could have worn almost anything and received praise.

  2. Forget Diana’s hat, let’s concentrate on the effortless draping of the Queen’s deep apricot draped organza hat in the news reel clip. THAT is real millinery!

  3. As was said in a discussion earlier on this blog: Princess Diana’s hats from that period always seem to sit on her hair, more than on her head, and something in their scale makes one think of dolls hats.
    The veil trim is lovely though and its placement perfect.

    • When I think of hats being worn on the hair, rather than on the head, I immediately picture the Duchess of Windsor at the Celebration of the Centenary of Queen Mary’s birth. It looked as if she had a tiny fabric covered margarine tub nested in her very bouffant hair. As everyone is saying about this particular hat, the Princess of Wales was so well-loved, she probably could have worn an actual margarine tub, and we would have given her a pass.

      • GG: I hope you don’t mind me posting this 1:45 minute video of the Centenary. Sure enough, the Parkay tub is very noticeable.
        Wies, here you go!
        BTW, Diana’s photo above was taken on May, 30, 1984, in Warrington.

        • I think it’s really “I can’t believe it’s not butter ” 😊 Thank you for the video Jimbo ! I do so wish I could lip read – 😉 Diana is like Grace Kelly and Princess Paola … she could wear a paper bag and look sensational !!

        • A very posh margarine tub, indeed! Now that I’m reading the observation about hats worn on the hair instead of the head, I’m thinking of Princess Margaret. She must have done that, too, during her bouffant days.

          Fascinating footage! The young Duchess of Kent was so pretty!

  4. The total effect is indeed adorable, but that’s due more to the princess’s appeal than to the hat. The opposite side from the upturn would have looked even lovelier if it had been just been an inch or two wider. As it is, subtracting the charismatic face beneath it, it looks a wee bit dinky. (What verve she did have!)

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