This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Empress Michiko repeated her white saucer with grey ombre bow and flower trim to award the Midori Academic Prize on April 27.


How adorably patriotic was Princess Estelle last Monday for King Carl Gustaf’s 72nd birthday celebrations in a blue and yellow manicure and hair ribbons?!

Embed from Getty Images

A number of you have asked me to feature hats from the Kentucky Derby. These two stood out for me most this year:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Vibrant triple brim straw boaters with flying bow hatbands from London-based Australian milliner Lisa Tan
Purple straw button percher with lavish silk orchids by UK brand Butterfly Millinery
Black vertical statement saucer with oversize poppy bloom from London-based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
Large natural straw bergère hat with black ribbon trim from Paris based Veronica Marucci Chapeaux
Wide brimmed pink picture hat with flowers from British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
Chinoiserie patterned percher with flowers & curled quill from Brisbane milliner Marilyn Van den Berg
Large natural saucer disk with beautiful feathers & ribbon from Vivian Blooms based in Guangzhou
Navy straw beret percher with tutti-fruitti feather trim from British milliner Rosie Olivia

And this coral design with red binding and very unusual folded brim from Dutch milliner Myra van de Korput.

 Royal Hats

Amazing story of recovery and family support from Lady Frederick Windsor following her horrifying November 23, 2017 car accident (Hello)

Sweet snap of Prince Henrik and Princess Athena released by the Danish royal court this week to celebrate Prince Henrik’s 9th birthday


And a very sweet photo of Princess Charlotte  on her third birthday with Prince Louis, taken by their mother

If there are other hats from the Kentucky Derby that stood out to you, feel free to share them in the comments. I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of hats from Luxembourg. 

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The Queen held investitures on May 4, some of the recipents:
    Sir Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell
    Embed from Getty Images

    Dame Darcey Bussell
    Embed from Getty Images

    Director of Women’s Cricket Clare Connor
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I like Nancy Shevell’s hat, though not as much as the other two invested ladies — they are both wearing hats fit for a royal blog, if not for actual royalty. Two questions:
      1) If he is Sir Paul, should she not be Lady Nancy?
      2) What is a Companion of Honour (the thing Sir Paul was just invested with) as compared to whatever it was that originally made him Sir Paul?

      • You can only be Lady Nancy if you are the daughter of an earl, marquess, or duke. The wife of a titled person is Lady plus last name or peerage designation. A knight (Paul) or Baronet’s wife is Lady Smith or whatever, and a peer’s wife is Lady Carnarvon or whatever the designation is.

        • Thank you, DuchessofOmnium! Is she then technically entitled to be known as Lady McCartney, even if she doesn’t seem to use any title? Just curious.

  2. Princess Hisako wore a large hat to Izumo Taisha Shrine in late April:

  3. Sorry I didn’t mention the Emperor and Empress i love seeing them together they both looking well aren’t they ?

  4. Another fun round-up of extras — thank you, HatQueen! Agreed about the adorableness of Princess Estelle! There’s a photo on Order of Sartorial Splendor that makes it look at though Queen Silvia is wearing something blue on the back of her head for that occasion — can you shed any light on that?

    Beautiful orchid trim on the Derby hat. The chinoiserie pattern on the Marilyn Van den Berg percher caught my eye because we don’t often see patterns on the hats themselves.

    • Queen Silvia didn’t have a hat on- Prince Carl Philip was standing behind her and it’s the top of his hat!

      Embed from Getty Images

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