Princess Benedikte Opens Sports Center

On Monday, Princess Benedikte officially opened the Mølleparken sports center in Dianalund. For this she, repeated a hat that is new here at Royal Hats- somehow, I missed its debut last spring. In narrow navy (or black? it’s hard to tell) and ecru stripes, the straw design features a relaxed kettle brim and is simply trimmed with an ecru hatband edged on the top and bottom with a navy stripe.

May 7, 2018 | Royal Hats May 7, 2018 | Royal Hats

 May 7, 2018 | Royal Hats May 7, 2018 | Royal Hats

The hat is certainly on the side of informal and while it’s not my favourite in Princess Benedikte’s wardrobe, it works for less formal events like these.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 5, 2017
Thoughts about this new hat?
Photos from Thomas Olsen via Scanpix and social media as indicated

17 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Opens Sports Center

  1. This hat would look fine with an outfit in navy. It certainly does not go at all with this powder blue suit. HRH has either made the wrong choice herself, or has been poorly advised.

  2. The shape and style are fantastic for Benedikte, and the angle and size of this brim are beyond flattering for her! I’m not certain either if the stripes are black or dark navy, but either way, I think the colors/stripes can still work. The one thing I don’t like about this hat is the material; it looks like paper straw that wasn’t shaped well, giving the brim edge all sorts of little waves; ultimately, that makes this hat look too informal for her polished skirt suit. While I like both outfit and hat separately, I would prefer either find a more streamlined hat for this outfit, or find a little more informal outfit for this hat for the future.

    • I agree that the brim contains a degree of waviness that seems more a problem of the material than part of the style, but aside from that, I do like it. The ecru (pinkish?) band sets off the narrower stripes nicely, but to make it go better with this suit, I would have liked it if the band had been the same pale blue.

  3. I don’t think the hat really goes well with her beautiful suit! The colors don’t seem to compliment it.

  4. I really like this hat on the princess! Because she is so tall and slender I think a large brim balances her overall appearance. The ecru and navy/black work so well together and I think it works as a neutral and as such matches her shoes and handbag. Lovely and elegant as always!

  5. I can’t tell on my screen if the stripes are black or navy blue. If navy blue, I think the outfit might have been tied together a bit more with some navy accessories, but in either case, I do like the hat quite a bit, it suits her very well.

  6. I like this hat a lot. It’s less formal without being casual or sloppy. So often the less formal hats, especially large brimmed ones, are so floppy or wrinkled or smushed looking (even if by design), that it just doesn’t look right. This is great. She looks lovely.

  7. I agree that she looks elegant . While I love the shape and jaunty angle at which the hat is worn, perhaps a natural color straw without the stripe effect might have served better.

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