Princess Anne Presides Over Cavalry Comrades Parade

Princess Anne was spotted in Hyde Park yesterday morning for the 94th Annual Parade by the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades Association.

Embed from Getty Images

For this event, which sees serving and former members of the Cavalry regiments march through Hyde Park for an outdoor service dressed in regimental striped ties and traditional bowler hats, our favourite royal fashion recycler repeated a wide brimmed dark ink navy straw hat. While the hat has been around the block a few times, it’s classic shape with pork pie indented crown and a slight upturn around the back brim, wears better over several decades than the jacket, which goes back to at least 1987!

Designer: unknown. My guess is John Boyd or Graham Smith
Previously Worn: Apr 24, 2011; Sep 3, 2010Apr 23, 2000; Apr 4, 1999 and likely more
Thoughts about this hat in the park yesterday?
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

10 thoughts on “Princess Anne Presides Over Cavalry Comrades Parade

  1. Apparently yellow plaid coats were all the rage in 1987. It would be interesting to see if any other royals wore them besides Anne and Diana.
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. For some reason this morning I kept getting this hat confused with the John Boyd black homburg, but I think it was the addition of the gold horse pin that did it. This is still a fine hat, but that pin, especially it’s placement right in the front, ruins it for me; I would prefer no pin on the hat, but if one must, then at least put it on the side!

    As for the coat, I don’t necessarily mind the pattern, but the cut is so boxy, and when combined with this pattern and color, IMO that dates it. I wouldn’t mind the repeats so much if she occasionally tailored things to make them look a little newer/modern. In terms of being environmentally conscious, Charles may have his organic farms, but Anne has her closet! 😉 (but in all seriousness, I am about saving the environment)

  3. I think the coat may have come back into fashion! Those boxy checks are all about again! The hat appears to have been sat on however. Gotta love her! Wonder what she’s going to pull out on Saturday?!

      • Pretty please with sugar on top!

        My other hope is that no one goes for anything so over-the-top that it dominates the whole event (like a certain York princess in 2011).

  4. I was surprised at how short the coat was in the full length pictures. Is that the original length or has it been shortened? Does anybody know? Also, the pin on the hat that looks like a horse made me wonder if that was a Calvary related pin? (probably, cuz Cavalry=horses)

  5. I love how thrifty The Princess Royal is with her closet, but that coat should have been donated to Oxfam. The hat however is fab!

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