British Royal Wedding: Immediate Families

We start our look at this wedding’s many hats with those worn by members of the bride and groom’s immediate families. Queen Elizabeth topped her lime yellow silk coat with a matching design that features a slightly flared, square crown and wide mushroom brim with upturned kettle cuff. The hat’s crown and brim edge is covered in the same fabric as Her Majesty’s coat while the brim is straw; the purple feather spray and beaded flower and leaf trim links with the ensemble’s silk dress.

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Upturned kettle edges are usually seen on flat brims- this version, on a mushroom shaped brim, is unique twist. The detail of the beaded flowers and leaves, which are also studded with pearls, is beautiful to see at the closeup image below. I’m afraid, however, the volume of purple feathers overwhelms the piece and takes it into the dreaded realm of ‘overtrimming’.

Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren. Dress and coat by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn:Previously Worn: This hat is new
The Duchess of Cornwall wore an interesting pinwheel hat of feathers attached to a large button base. I can’t remember the last time we saw a hat brim made up entirely of feathers and while the hat wins many points for creativity, I’m not sure it flatters its wearer. Maybe I’m just distracted with the conviction that it’s going to start spinning at any moment?

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Anna Valentine
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cambridge topped her cream coat with a large saucer statement hat in pale biscuit straw. The hat is sharply upswept in a fluted curve on one side to reveal lavish straw twists and pale yellow silk roses trimming the underside. The organic shape is unusual without being zany and makes a bold style statement that counteracts the piece’s quiet colour, giving it movement and life. I’m not surprised to see Kate in a neutral ensemble and familiar coat – this hat keeps the ensemble safely away from boredom.

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Designer: Philip Treacy OC 458 from SS 2018. Coat by Alexander McQueen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Doria Ragland topped her floral embroidered mint dress and jacket with a smooth white para-sisal beret beret. The hat is simply trimmed with a small, flat bow in mint Petersham ribbon at the back. It’s certainly not a statement piece but a great choice for someone who doesn’t likely wear many hats and it balances well with her coat and dress.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Dress and coat by Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim for Oscar de la Renta.  
Previously Worn: This hat is new

At many royal weddings, the non-royal family members sometimes stick out with their fashion choices but I thought Doria’s ensemble not only fit in, but complimented the others at the center of this wedding. Thoughts about these four hats?
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34 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Immediate Families

  1. First the ones I loved! Camilla’s hat is AWESOME. She always wears big brims and this is a different shape but still a statement and it’s AMAZING on her! I LOVE it! I kind of wish Doria’s hat was bigger (a real church lady hat) but this is a really elegant look so I’m going to give her props.

    Now for what I didn’t like. Kate’s hat is great but wish she had actually worn a color. ANY color. This cream is so blergh. She probably knew Meghan was wearing white so cream wasn’t going to look bridal against her but that’s still a risky move. And what can I say about the Queen’s neon yellow. That is the most unattractive color in the world and I seriously can’t believe that someone ever suggested it to her because it’s NOT ATTRACTIVE. Not even Rachel Trevor Morgan could have made this color work. I want to be nice but I never like Angela Kelly designs because they look like amateur craft projects and this one does all over again. I love the queen and when she gets outfits like this that no one should ever have to wear I want to gather her up and get her a stylist and take her shopping. She’s too cute to have to wear such bad stuff.

  2. I LOVE Kate’s hat! It’s so great to see her in something bigger than she usually wears but not as big as the famous potato chip (it was too big!). The flowers are beautiful on it and the hat is perfect for her coat. I also really like Camilla’s hat. She wears these big, sweeping, epic hats like a champ. Doria’s hat is small and a bit boring for a royal but I think it was just right for her.

    The only hat I don’t like is Queen Elizabeth’s. That colour is not attractive and the shape of the brim is just odd. The trim is also very unattractive. I’m surprised that Stewart Parvin made the coat and dress and Angela Kelly made the hat. Aren’t Stewart Parvin’s clothes usually put with a Trevor Morgan hat?

  3. Finally getting round to commenting!

    I really disliked HM’s outfit and hat, it was the kind of crafty overtrimming we’ve come to dread. Such a shame when she’s pulled out so many winners lately.

    Camilla’s hat is amazing, just a work of art. I thought Kate had a double repeat on her hands from Zara’s wedding, it’s a beautiful hat but so similar.

    And how elegant was Doria. She looked stunning, so dignified and loving. That outfit and hat was understated and beautiful.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat. It and Lady Sarah Chatto’s were my favorite hats of the day. I feel like Camilla’s hat feels very much “her” but is still interesting and different enough that it doesn’t feel like she’s in a rut (ahem Sophie) and marks the specialness of the day. I love that the Queen and Ms. Ragland had coordinating colors, and I thought all 4 ladies (HM, DoCorn, DoCam, and Ms. Ragland) looked really lovely together. The picture of Prince Charles with Camilla and Ms. Ragland on the church steps was one of my favorites of the wedding (apart from the glorious bride of course). IMO Kate looked exquisite and unmemorable, which I think is perfect for this event.

  5. As Americans, we do not do hats unless it’s a sun hat while on vacation or while walking. Ms. Raglan’s hat and outfit, imo, were stunning. She appeared comfortable in what she was wearing, and she looked lovely. The choice of color Her Majesty wore was startling for me. I appreciated the purple distraction on the hat band. The Duchess of Cambridge never fails to look stunning, even after giving birth three weeks ago. I rather liked the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat, especially the color (I’m very fond of pink). My husband even favorably commented on the Duchess’s hat, but then this was his first time to see British royalty in wedding attire.

  6. HM: What a lovely hat and outfit! I adore this colour palette. Could HM be the only 92-yr–old to wear lime green to major events? I appreciate that HM continues to use a trendy colour like this to show that she is a modern monarch in touch with today. Especially since it’s not a colour that really suits her, and therefore tricky to wear as a monochrome. Her best lime green hats incorporate trim in other colours, e.g the white and yellow flowers on her 90th birthday hat, or on the different lime hat she wore to Northern Ireland in June 2016. Today’s hat has a delight spring garden feel, the purple providing the right amount of lush contrast with the lime.
    I do however take your point HQ, about the trim. Volume is required for a contrast trim to have impact at a distance, but the ostrich (?) feathers do seem somewhat amorphous and bloblike. I imagine that more structured feathers would look more refined and polished.
    I love the pale pastels theme followed by the next 3 members of the bridal party.
    D Cornwall: I was looking forward to another huge Treacy picture hat, and the feathers on this pinwheel are an absolute stunner. But I miss the characteristic dynamic swoop, lightness and asymmetry of a typical Camilla event hat. For me the front view is the letdown – it shows an unbending wheel shape perched stiffly on a slant. I don’t think Camilla suits stiff shapes; this geometry might suit someone taller, who favours a narrow dress. The crown is disappointing too – it looks somehow rough, as if the hat is upside down and we are looking at the underside of the crown, instead of the top.
    D Cambridge. Picture perfect. This may be my favourite among Catherine’s hats of this type. The pale yellow and cream colour of the roses looked especially great against the blonde stonework of the chapel and the cream and white floral decorations.
    Ms Doria Ragland: Simple, yet so elegant. Technically the pale green is rather washed out for Mrs. Ragland; but it worked beautifully with the bridal party pastels, while picking up the white and green of the church decorations (as well as nodding to HM’s green outfit). Doria’s wearing her straw beret over her eyebrow, in the same way Meghan wore a similar black straw beret recently on Anzac Day, was to me a very touching reminder of her connection with her daughter.

  7. I really dislike HM’s hat. I think it might be improved by losing the purple feathers because the beaded flower trim is quite pretty. But I’m disappointed that she didn’t wear one of RTM’s creations. Yes, Camilla’s hat looks like a feather propeller but I like it, particularly from the front. I do wish we could see how it was constructed because it probably took a lot of schematics. Love Kate’s hat, it was lovely. I would have just wished for a shade or two darker yellow because in the sunlight and in some photos it all read white/cream. Doria Ragland was supremely elegant. She’s probably not used to wearing hats so it was good plan to not go ott. She looked classic and elegant.

    • Here’s the hat you cited. I don’t see them as very similar – I think the curves in Kate’s hat gives it a different look.
      Embed from Getty Images

  8. I have to agree about Her Majesty’s hat; it had just a smidge too much fluff, but I love the flower detail. The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat looks great on level from the front, but the top is kind of a mess. The trim going around the base of the hat where the feathers begin looks like it was loosely slapped on. The Duchess of Cambridge is probably my favorite by far. I love to see her in larger brimmed hats and this one was fantastic and elegant. I also loved seeing her hair down with it and a simple outfit because she looked more relaxed and, in a way, younger.

  9. I am on the “love the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat” train. I loved the color (which I predicted for the queen) and I thought the volume of feathers were a wonderfully different and beautiful trim. I can see the Ascot vibe, but the rest of her dress was very tame and I thought the hat made the outfit. I thought Doria looked beautiful from head to toe! I was disappointed in HM’s color choice. I guess lime green is her new favorite for special events. I initially thought Kate’s hat was the potato chip hat, also. I wish the yellow color wasn’t so light. In the sunshine it looked like blergh.

  10. I have to say, I was kinda disappointed with HM’s hat. I think this shade of pale lime paired with a vibrant purple doesn’t work well; something like a forest or emerald green would’ve been a better choice with this purple. I don’t mind the trim, but the brim just isn’t flattering IMO. Her coat, however, was absolutely fabulous, even in this pale lime; if we could pair it with another hat, I’d be all for that!

    I like seeing Camilla in a color other than cream/beige, but this hat was a bit odd for me. I think it looks better in motion than in still shots, but I think something with a proper brim would’ve been better. I think this would’ve better at Ascot, as others said. Also, I was rather surprised she had a new hat; I was almost certain she would pull out a repeat (parquet floor coat and golden hat anyone?).

    I too, was not surprised to see Kate in a very neutral-colored outfit and hat. I like the shape of this Treacy piece, and the flowers are a good choice for trim, but I don’t think yellow is a flattering color for Kate; I think pale blue would’ve been a better choice, and a fun surprise.

    Out of this group, I think Doria Ragland’s overall look was the best and most polished. I did find this beret a bit boring and wished there were a couple of large pheasant feather swooping around somehow, but otherwise it worked very well with her hairstyle, the placement was great, and her mint green dress and long coat with the white floral embroidery was absolutely stunning! Brava! I hope this isn’t the last time we see Doria in a royal hat.

    • I like your idea of pheasant feather’s for Doria Ragland, Jake. She did very well for someone who is new to royal hats, and perhaps she’ll go bigger and bolder for future events — perhaps a christening someday? She’s an elegant woman, and I loved her coat and dress.

  11. My various comments:
    QE – very bright in color
    Camilla – over the top but pretty in pink
    Kate – understated elegance
    Mrs. Raglan – extra points for looking lovely up next to all of the royals and all without any other family member by her side!!!

  12. All three royal hats are somewhat over the top, but the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat actually is attractive. Is the hat pictured by mrs_skullygee supposed to be the very hat that Queen Elizabeth wore? That hat in Instagram looks considerably better than does the hat sitting on the Queen’s head. The purple looks less unkempt and smaller, and the brim too looks smaller in proportion to the hat’s height. Or are they completely different hats? I’m confused.
    The Queen’s dress fabric, which I like, might be have been set off better with a different color hat and coat.

  13. The Queen’s hat/clothes color was really bad. In all other royal weddings, she has worm soft mellow colors. Camilla’s pink was lovely although I agree the hat was an Ascot type hat. I really did like it.

  14. I don’t mind Her Majesty’s hat when it comes to shape and trim, but the colour I intensely dislike. It reminds me of someone who has had a very bad case of the ‘flu for more than a week. The Cambridge chapeau is beautifully done in style and colour. Camilla’s is fun and very much expected for a wedding. I hope it gets saved for weddings and Ascot. Ms. Ragland obviously does not often wear a hat and look very uncomfortable in it. Perhaps something a little less severe would have filled the need.

  15. I think the D of Cornwall should have saved this hat for Ascot or maybe one of the upcoming garden parties. It was too out there for this wedding. Hopefully, we don’t have to see it too many more times before she retires it as a fail. I don’t think HM’s hat is quite as bad as some here think. The color combo is nice. But the over all size of it’s presence sort of dwarfs her head and frame. That said, I don’t mind this size of the hat decoration, because it hides those silly crowns of her hats she favors. Ms. Ragland is a perfect mom of the bride look in her hat. The color she chose to wear, suits her, the day and does not upstage the bride. Kate’s hat, I agree, is nice and saves us from yet another coat dress look of hers. But bravo for not upstaging the bride Kate. Bravo also for rallying around getting to this wedding in all it’s pomp and flair, only 3.5 weeks after giving birth. I’m waiting on discussion of Amal Clooney’s hat which I loved.

  16. Oh dear, The Queen’s hat is definitely not one of her best. I feel slightly nauseous looking at it, whilst is has grown on me slightly since I first saw it I still feel that it is very unflattering.
    For some reason the hat brim seems way to large for Her Majesty and it completely overpowers her tiny figure, even from a distance the hat dwarfs her.
    But the worst part (in my opinion) is the trim, it looks a bit as if she has a dead guinea pig on her head, such is the over decoration. The stark colour contrast may have worked very well in a more subtle and refined trim but the huge amount of feathers and beads makes the contrast very stark.
    Also the hat brim is slightly bent, it often seems that hats made by Stella McLaren have slightly unintentionaly bent brims. I hope I didn’t seem to negative in my opinion I just feel her Majesty deserves the best she can get!

  17. Love, love, love the very elegant mother of the bride, she has it completely right. Nice of Kate not to outshine the bride. Striking combination of colours on the queens hat. In the seventies I had wallpaper in those colours and I still love purple and yellow. For me the hat of Camilla os a.wee bit too feathery.

  18. Everyone has kept to their well known style preferences and Ms. Ragland looked every inch the proper mother of the bride. Well done!

  19. I loved the duchess of Cornwall’s hat. I thought it was beautiful and had a lot of movement. Unlike some of her big hats it didn’t seem heavy or bulky.

    • I meant to add that I did think the D of Cornwall’s hat looked much better in video than the still pictures.

      • I agree with you about the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat on video. I loved it when I first saw it on video, but in photos, I understand what everyone is complaining about.
        I think Ms Ragland looked lovely. Her outfit was perfection and she is one gorgeous lady!
        The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat reminds me of the “potato chip hat” she wore to Zara Phillips’ wedding, but the position of the flowers on this one saves it. She looks so beautiful, especially given she just gave birth. She is truly amazing!

  20. The Duchess of Cambridge definitely wins this contest! Her Majesty’s hat is slightly overdone, Ms. Ragland’s hat is nice, but not memorable, and the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat is just too odd. I agree that it looks like a feather propeller.

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