British Royal Wedding: Noteable Guests

While we don’t often venture away from our focus of royal hats (hence the blog name!), there were too many wonderful hats worn on too many famous heads at yesterday’s royal nuptials. So, just this once, we’re going to expand this blog’s scope. Here are the hats that I thought were particularly memorable yesterday:

From the studio of Philip Treacy:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey in Stella McCartney; Sarah Rafferty in Lanvin

Embed from Getty Images
Charlotte Riley in Vampire’s Wife

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Priyahka Chopra in Vivienne Westwood; Jacinta Barrett in Emilia Wickstead

Embed from Getty Images
Amanda Schull in Dolce & Gabanna (far left above)

From the studio of Stephen Jones:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Amal Clooney in Stella McCartney; Tereza Maxova in Gainsbourg

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Rebecca Deacon in Alexander McQueen; Victoria Beckham in her own design

From the studio of Louise Green Millinery:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Gina Torres in Costarellos; Silver Tree

From the studio of Bundle MacLaren: Patti Palmer Tompkinson, Amanda Dyer and Zoe Warren (in a pink Dea Kudibal dress)

Additional hats: 

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Sofia Wellesley in Camilla Rose Millinery & Valentino; Gabriela Peacock in Laura Cathcart Millinery & Emilia Wickstead

Embed from Getty Images
Sabrina Dhowre in Vivien Sheriff & Gucci

Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Janina Gavankar in a vintage 1940s hat; unknown guest and Sophie Moss in Victoria Grant

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Giada Lubomirski in Lock & Co. & vintage Valentino; Claudia Bradby in Rachel Trevor Morgan

Embed from Getty Images
Abigail Spencer (l); Alessandra Ford Balazs (r) in Jane Taylor

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Serena Williams; Joss Stone

Embed from Getty Images
Lizzie Wilson (l) and Laura Marsham (r)

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Fiona Shackleton; Philippa Dannatt

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Jayne Williams; Julia Carey

Embed from Getty Images
Stephen Jones and Izzy May

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Chelsey Davy in Jane Taylor; Cressida Bonas in Rachel Black Millinery

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some so please, feel free to post links and embed Getty photos in the comments below. If I were to pick three favourites here they would be Amal Clooney’s vibrant yellow saucer, Janina Gavankar’s vintage black straw pyramid (so beautifully styled with her orange dress) and Laura Marsham’s dramatic cream straw upsweep with pink flower trim. 
Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Noteable Guests

  1. My favorites in this group:
    Sarah Rafferty, Charlotte Riley, Fiona Shakleton, and Sofia Wellesley.

    It was a beautiful day, sunshine, hats and of course the bride!

  2. Oprah: huge hat but it’s awesome on her. On TV they called it a “real church lady hat”!! Too true
    Sarah Rafferty: GORGEOUS. I don’t like helmets but this one with the lace and that dress is gorgeous.
    Charlotte Rilley: So cute!
    Jacinda Barrett: boring. The peephole cleavage is not a good look
    Priyanka Chopra: Too much going on. The color is great but that hat has everything but the kitchen sink
    Amal Clooney: HOLY COW. It’s a brave look that almost no one else could pull off. I love the shape of the hat with her hair. WOWZA.
    Tereza Maxova: I have no idea who she is but that’s a great hat
    Rebecca Deacon: Why did she wear red culottes to this wedding? They are so bad it doesn’t matter what she put on her head
    Posh Spice: The hat is MEH and the dress is not attractive. What up with the superhero sleeves?
    Patti Palmer Tompkinson: Don’t know who she is either but that hat is perfect on her. I love it when women over 50 rock a percher hat
    Amanda Dyer: Don’t think she’s famous or anything. Really pretty hat on her.
    Sofia Wellesley: that’s how to style a beige hat! So cute with her dress
    Gabriela Peacock: really pretty hat
    Sabrina Dhowrie: she looks great in navy and the hat is FAB. The outfit is really old lady and pretty ugly.
    Janina Gavankar: HOLY COW THIS IS AWESOME! She looked amazing! From her comment, I’m now wondering how many hats and dresses were designer loaners?!?!?!?!
    Serena Williams: that dress is killer on her. I like the tall bow headpiece too. I don’t think she would have looked as good in a hat.
    Joss Stone: super cute!
    Chelsey Davy: I’m sorry but this dress looks trashy. The hat is way better than her dress
    Cressida Bonas: the dress is cute and quirky but I don’t like the hair feathers. A real hat would have been better

  3. Finally getting around to finishing commenting here after a crazy couple of days.

    Oprah was one of my favorites of the day; the hat shape isn’t very unusual, but oh do I adore that trim! It’s so fabulous, but the muted colors keep it from overpowering the look or making her stand out too much (as people often like to point out, although as hats are a rarer thing to wear these days, they still draw a lot of attention anyhow, so . . .).

    I thought Priyanka Chopra’s hat looked good when viewed from her left side, but when viewed from her right, it didn’t seem to have enough brim in the back, especially on the lower part of the hat. Great color though!

    Honestly, I didn’t care for Amal Clooney’s ensemble. I thought this particular shade of yellow wasn’t the most flattering; if it had been a couple shade more lemon, then I think it would’ve been much better. Also, the bubble crown on her hat made it look like a Mexican sombrero worn at a severe angle; if this had been designed as a disc piece with a gentler curve, I would’ve liked it more. I do applaud her on wearing such a saturated yellow though! George looked good in his grey suit (although he did stick out a bit for not wearing a morning suit), but I’m annoyed at his matching tie and pocket square.

    I thought the placement of Victoria Beckham’s cocktail beret hat could be much improved, and I wasn’t such a fan of her outfit (I know it’s her own design, but still . . .). David Beckham, however, was one of the best dressed guests IMO; I’m just sad he didn’t show up with a top hat this time.

    Gina Torres in her Louise Green fedora looked so perfect! As I sell Louise Green hats where I work, it was very exciting to see her designs represented at this wedding. Louise herself said Gina wanted something that was appropriate for the wedding, but that still seemed very American, and this feminine fedora was the solution! Great styling, great hairstyle, great dress. In my top 5 looks of the day!

    Janina Gavankar may have dressed in all vintage, but she looked absolutely modern in her whole ensemble, and I loved it! Such a great move by her.

    I like Serena William’s in her fascinator, but I would’ve chosen something larger for her because she can pull it off. My choices would be something like this disc headpiece from Nerida Fraiman ( or this Rosie Olivia cocktail hat (

    Say what you will about the angle of Stephen Jones’ top hat, but he has often worn it like that and I love it; his continued unconventionality, whether it’s with his top hot or some of his crazy millinery designs, is also something I continue to admire.

    Finally, this hat from Tiggy Pettifer is the one I’ve been waiting for: Lady Amherst pheasant feathers sweeping around!

    The wonderful Tiggy Pettifer wearing our silver grey upturn brim with lady amherst pheasant feathers. One of the hats we made for the VERY special wedding. Thank you @hellomaguk for capturing the moment— John Boyd (@johnboydhats) May 21, 2018

    • I really debated including Serena Williams here because I thought her headpiece was a bit of a letdown. Your suggestions would have been wonderful on her! And finally- a photo of Tiggy Pettifer!

      • Oh no, I thought I had the embed code right so the photo of Tiggy Pettifer would show up in the post! Oh well haha . . .

  4. I really liked Priyanka Chopra’s hat. It had such beautiful curves. Kinda like the DOCambridge, but the material was lighter and see through. The other standout for me was Patti Palmer Tomkinson. It was a dark purple, but the different shades were exquisite.

  5. I don’t usually like pillboxes but Izzy May’s is so sweet! I also love Sofia Wellesley dress with that hat.
    I love big hats but Oprah’s is too tall and I don’t like the harsh angles. The feather explosion out the side is also odd.
    I can’t stand yellow but have to admit that Amal Clooney looked amazing. Very few could wear that hat and dress without looking like a canary.

  6. Loved Janina Gavankar’s vintage ensemble, even though it borders on too attention-seeking. Fabulous purple Bundle McLaren for Patti Palmer Tompkinson, and she wears it well.w

    It seems as though we saw a lot of veiling and netting trim at this event, which is a positive trend!

  7. I think pretty much everyone looked really great. Personal favorites for me are Oprah- I adore the Church lady x 1000 vibe of her hat, and the trim is great. I also really like Sofia Wellesley, the shape on her hat is great and I appreciate that it’s not completely matchy. And finally, my favorite of the monochrome looks is from Zoe? In the bright bright pink. Just so awesome!

    • Just a note here- my review of Zoe Warren’s hat has been moved over to this post. In the midst of keeping ALL these hats and people organized, I forgot that Zoe is Lady Carolyn Warren’s daughter-in-law and a member of the British nobility. My apolobies, Shannon, for any confusion this attaches to your comment (but I agree- Zoe’s bright pink dress and hat were fantastic!)

  8. Rather like this hat and outfit from Serena Soames, wife of Sir Nicholas Soames (centre). He’s the grandson of Winston Churchill.

    Embed from Getty Images

  9. Just getting through all your wonderful photos and descriptions. My take on this latest installment is: Oprah, like the hat, but that’s all; Sarah Rafferty, loved the simplicity of the hat;, Priyahka Chopra, gorgeous, loved the shadowing from the hat on her face; Amal Clooney, didn’t like anything; Serena Williams, hat too small for her body frame; Joss Jones, too much going on – patterned dress, messy hair, big feathery hat; Julia Carey, perfect simplicity; Izzy May, nice; Chelsey Davey, mess.

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