This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

While a certain wedding took much royal focus over the past week, there were a few other events (and hats!) we need to catch up on! First up is Queen Elizabeth headed to church yesterday in her sage cloche hat with tall yellow crown wrap and feather trim.

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While we usually see a hats on the Norwegian queen and crown princess for their country’s National Day celebrations, Thursday’s festivities only saw hats on the men. King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon both stepped out for the annual balcony appearance in top hats.

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An informal garden party was held last Thursday afternoon at Buckingham Palace for recipients of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. While The Duke of York, Countess of Wessex and Princess Royal did not wear hats, the Earl of Wessex donned a natty straw summer Panama design.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye last week:

Multi hued pink “Polaris” cocktail hat from London-based Australian milliner Lisa Tan
Large saucer with creative black & white bubble cutouts from British millinery brand Mind Your Bonce
Black wide brimmed hat with dented crown and white flowers from Canadian brand The Saucy Milliner
Straw hat with brilliant green shantung silk binding and trim from British milliner Dillon Walwork
Merlot silk covered button percher with stunning feathers from London-based Bundle McLaren
Exquisitely trimmed smaller scale hats in pastel hues from British milliner Sarah Cant

And from Dutch milliner Myra Van de Korput, this vibrant pleated jinsin disc hat with red bound edge.

 Royal Hats

Beautiful new portraits of Princess Charlene taken for Rooi Rose magazine.

Adorable set of pictures released by the Swedish Monarchy of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar enjoying spring

And we head into the new week with this photo of Queen Elizabeth at the Chelsea Flower Show today.

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6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The picture of Estelle and Oscar is just precious. She really looks like she’s grown up quite a bit recently.

  2. I particularly enjoyed your section on new millinery designs, especially the smaller scale hats. Almost all of the new millinery designs would have looked perfect at last Saturday’s royal wedding. Wonderful hats. Let me also congratulate yourself on the splendid job you did in reporting all the various hats worn at the wedding. Whew, you needed a vacation after all the reporting your posted. Thanks again.

  3. Oh my, I’ve never liked this olive and pale yellow hat for HM, and was a bit disappointed to see it’s still being worn. Oh well, I suppose I’m not the one wearing the clothes, and I’m certain not everyone likes every outfit I wear either haha.

    The Earl of Wessex looked very smart in his panama straw fedora and double-breasted suit. It’s not often the men wear a hat and women don’t!

    That Dillon Wallwork grey and green hat is beyond stunning! What I wouldn’t give to see that on the Countess Mountbatten of Burma at Ascot!

  4. HQ, many thanks for your wonderful weekend coverage of the RW! Going back and forth between the TV and Royal Hats, we felt that we were right there on the Long Walk, enjoying the fun and excitement of the events! The good news is —-October 12 is just around the corner!

    Now for my sermon, which will be considerably shorter than what we’ve recently heard: I can’t help but reiterate AGAIN the treasure you have in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, after recent hip surgery! They both looked fantastic – elegant, dignified, and refined during the entire weekend activities. As for HM’s ensemble, I really couldn’t tell if it was yellow or light green, and the description given didn’t help much – someone called it “lime yellow.” Now that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one. As for the purple adornment, I say bring it on!I I loved the colo(u)r combination, and I hope we see it again soon. Isn’t it remarkable that the very next day, out she went, back to church. Again, VERY beautifully turned out, I added an earlier photo of her which shows off her entire outfit much better.

    July 12, 2011; Buck House Garden Party
    Embed from Getty Images

    Then yesterday, off to the Chelsea Flower Show she goes, sans HAIR NET! If there’s ever a time that one should wear a head covering, I say it’s now! Does she ever sit still? We haven’t seen her pink coat since Ascot, two years ago. I’ve been secretly waiting to see the hat that goes with this coat, and maybe it will be seen in the near future also.

    June 15, 2016; Royal Ascot
    Embed from Getty Images

    If my mother, who was born 5 months before HM, attempted just one of these events, she would have been laid up for weeks! BTW, back when I was a wee lad, I recall a picnic in our back yard, where mom sat under a tree with a cold drink in hand (not Gin and Dubonnet though). At a certain point, she quickly got up, went into the house, washed her hair and put on a different set of clothes. I thought what a strange thing for her to do, and so abruptly too! HQ, thanks again for all your great work; take some time off and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, but put a hat on!

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