Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg: Day 2

The second day of the Dutch state visit to Luxembourg unfolded today with visits to an area of historic industrial buildings undergoing revitalization, a space mining university initiative, Castle Vianden and the Chamber of Commerce.

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These events saw Queen Máxima in a new outfit and bandeau headpiece of overlapping gold flowers.

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There’s no two ways around this- it’s an interesting look. The business and development theme of today’s events fit well with a pant suit but these linen culottes, ruffled blouse and silk jacket lack harmony, despite their unified colour. I actually like the headpiece combined with the blouse and shoes but the silk and linen piece are so far apart in terms of formality and polish that the ensemble ends up a cacophony of clashes with a bottom ready for the beach and a jacket ready for the opera. A gold headpiece was never going to bring the look together.

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Designer: I join the suspicion of my esteemed colleague Josine Droogendijk at the Queen Maxima Fashion blog that it is from  Argentinian jewelry brand Celedonio
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new 

I don’t know what else to say about this one. Thoughts?

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21 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Luxembourg: Day 2

  1. The gold flowers are not unattractive in themselves, perhaps for a less formal evening event, but topping off this ensemble for a series of daytime engagements, it’s difficult to think of something that would be less suitable…

  2. Sorry this is a miss for me on all fronts….I don’t care for the pale color on her, the jacket and pants are too short and the gold headband thing just doesn’t go with this outfit. Better luck next time.

  3. Speaking strictly about the headpiece on Max, it is interesting and might work in a different context in future. Although it absolutely does NOT work with the rest of today’s ensemble. And as far as the rest of the whole look…..no. No. NO.

    MT is lovely, albeit hatless, and is really showing how it should be done for this sort of event. — Were she to have worn a hat, one wonders what her choice might have been…….

  4. Sartorially, Maxima is the Babe Ruth of royals–she is always swinging for the fences. Sometimes you get a home run and sometimes you get this but it’s always fun to see her “at bat.”

  5. Agree, MT looks great in magenta. Max’s headpiece would look lovely on CP Mary. Am I the only one who thinks Max needs a hair makeover?

  6. MT is the star here, her pink coat is gorgeous even though she is unhatted. I just can’t get behind Max’s gold flowered headband. It’s very pretty but headbands always seem very peurile to me. It would look great on a 16 yr old at prom, or on a junior bridesmaid in a fancy wedding. The piece is quite nice, but just not on a grown up imo.

  7. For a gold headband, I like this on Máxima as it is shiny, and therefore is a good contrast against the matte of her blonde hair. Except for the shoes, this outfit is a total miss. It’s such a weird outfit, and the gloves make it look even worse, almost like a pale pink spacesuit. Maria Teresa’s fuchsia coat and royal blue clutch is a good combo, on the other hand.

    P.S. In the fourth photo, it looks like Willem-Alexander is saying “Don’t post that photo of me on Instagram” and Máxima is saying, “Too late!” haha.

  8. So unusual to see the queen in an entirely unflattering ensemble. As has been mentioned, the only relationship between its disparate elements is color. The blouse is the only item worthy of a life of its own. The jacket and the pants seem to dwarf the queen, who looks as if she is wearing clothes made for a much taller woman. The headpiece is unrelated to the rest of the costume, and is of a size and color (too closely related to the queen’s hair) as to be almost invisible. Not her finest hour. But she has many more hits than misses, and is never uninteresting.

  9. Not entirely hat related but does anyone have an idea why Maxima nearly always wears one glove and carries the other. I’ll need to check back and see if it’s alwaus the same hand. Is it an etiquette thing? The late Queen Mother did it but Elizabeth II doesn’t.

    • I believe it’s for shaking hands – some feel that gloves should be removed when shaking hands, others believe this rule applies to men only.

  10. Ooh this is a puzzler. That headband is actually lovely – for an evening or formal event. If the suit was a skirt suit in silk… perhaps. Just too many textures and shapes. But MT is rocking that magenta… so that’s something.

  11. I don’t understand any part of her reasoning that she thought this was a good look from head to toe. Headbands are said to be making a return, on this showing I hope not.

  12. Oh Max … what an anticlimax after the wonderful outing of the Stuart tiara !- I think we should pretend this day didn’t happen! – but MT on the other hand looks wonderful in her purple coat and black top and pants she looks so ” put together ” there and happy – look at that smile 😊

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