Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to May 21, 1985 when, on a visit to Newcastle, the Princess of Wales wore this wide brimmed red and white hat trimmed with folded cone flowers. This is not a piece I remember seeing before and two things jump out at me. First, how the scale seems a marked departure from the small hats Diana favoured during the early years of her royal life and second, how generously padded shoulders on a coat can set a hat completely off balance!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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8 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Can I just say I love that picture of Anne and Diana … two girls just laughing – enjoying each other both wearing very intriguing hats ! so very nice to see !

  2. Here are a couple others from the same time period – all very nice.

    June 15, 1985; Trooping of the Colour (Prince William is getting the eye from HM!)
    Embed from Getty Images

    October, 1985; Melbourne Cup
    Embed from Getty Images

    June 4, 1986; Epsom Racecourse (purple polka dots!)
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Just look at that lovely face under that gorgeous hat !! She looks so confident and happy there ! red really was a good colour on her …

  4. Could this be more 80’s?! It’s quite fabulous though and she looks so glamorous. That red isn’t for shrinking violets and it marks the point Diana went high octane with her looks.

    • Exactly. No more shy demure bride. This is a woman who knows what the crowd wants to see and she is delivering it!

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