Seeing Quadruple: Crown Princess Mary

Royal HatsWhen Crown Princess Mary wore her pale beigey-pink calot to open a hospital last month,  we were able to catch a good look of the moulded shape of the hat, which sweeps to a gentle teardop point at the back. I suspect the hat came off the same block in Susanne Juul’s studio that was used for the black felt calot Mary has worn often since its introduction in late 2011.


Opening Slagelse Hospital on April 17, 2018; At the opening of parliament, October 6, 2015


In Slagelse on April 17, 2018; Celebrating Queen Margrethe’s 75th birthday, April 8, 2015

While many doubles of the same style in a royal’s millinery closet is perplexing, this double makes sense to me. When you find a hat in a neutral shade that works so well it becomes a go-to staple, why not add it in another neutral colour?

A deeper search through Mary’s millinery closet shows another, even earlier pair of calots, both in straw with side bow trim that I suspect also came off this block:


Visiting  Arlington National Cemetery, June 6, 2010; In Aarhus Sep 8, 2012

Crown Princess Mary’s hat wardrobe is not overly extensive so four hats off the same block is something of note. I find it fascinating, however, to see how the differing materials, colours and trims give each hat a distinctive look. Yes, the shapes are very similar but the finishing of each hat is unique enough to leave each standiing on their own. If you’re going to order the same shapes from the same designer, this, I think, is a master class in how to do it well.

What do you think of this quartet of hats?

Photo from  AFP; Splash News/Corbis; Claus Bech and Julian Parker via Getty;  Bauer GriffinEdwin Veloo/PPE

9 thoughts on “Seeing Quadruple: Crown Princess Mary

  1. Beautiful hats that really compliment her. I like that even though they are very pretty, you still notice her face and smile first.

  2. Mary is always perfectly coordinated with her hats. I love the straw hat worn in 2012, but to be honest I love all her hats. She wears them very well.

  3. She looks so elegant in these hats. They suit her and I think it was good idea to have them in different colours.

  4. The variation in trim and material goes a long way with keeping these from looking like cookie-cutter duplicates. I especially like the leaf on the black felt. Agreed with all that this is a great working hat.

  5. I agree sometimes a classic hat even in different colors is more versatile than one or two trendy hats. These hats are beautiful and as mentioned the adornment make them stand on their own. A great shape on Mary!

  6. I agree with all of you that each of these hats stands on its own merit, and looks quite different as a result of the materials and the trim. Something else also occurred to me — we never really discuss here whether a particular hat might be comfortable or not, but if a royal lady is going to wear a hat for long periods of time, it better feel good, so I wonder if the feel and fit of whichever one of these came first influenced the decision to purchase additional ones.

  7. I agree with you Wies! Very good observation. Why fix what’s not broken? A lovely set of hats and the pink one is one of my all time favorites of CP Mary.

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