Prince of Wales Hosts Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Another Buckingham Palace garden party took place today, hosted on behalf of the Queen by the Prince of Wales.

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While Prince Charles carried his black silk top hat (I can’t find a photo of him wearing it!), the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla repeated her cream straw hat with off centre, peaked crown, upswept brim and spiky feather explosion on the side. There appears to be white piping around the v-neck of her dress and the hat ties in with this, nicely.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: July 1, 2017June 20, 2017

Princess Anne repeated her mustard yellow straw button percher hat, trimmed with a dusky taupe silk flower and veil. The placement of this hat excites me (much improved from its placement on the center top of her head during its last outing) but unfortunately, leaves that flower looking like a plonked-on afterthought. I’m not a fan of this ensemble’s colour palate (mustard and brown sauce, anyone?) and will simply hope for its retirement.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 17, 2014; July 15, 2011 and likely others

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent were also in attendance. The Duchess repeated her navy straw beret hat while the Dukes repeated their black silk and grey felt top hats.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer of the Duchess of Gloucester’s hat: unknown
Previously Worn: June 2, 2018;  June 27, 2017May 10, 2016June 16, 2015March 26, 2015June 14, 2014June 29, 2013June 4, 2013

While this was not as exciting a hatted event as the parade of hats we saw at the Epsom races of the weekend, it looks like an enjoyable time was had by all.

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7 thoughts on “Prince of Wales Hosts Buckingham Palace Garden Party

  1. It’s interesting how it looks like Charles didn’t wear his top hat, but only carried it around. I’m wondering if this had anything to do with him being the host of the party?

    I agree with Matthew that this blue outfit is a better choice for this hat. Please continue with this trend of contrasting colors with your white and cream hats, Camilla! Also, the pink headpiece on the one woman talking with Camilla looks like a Fabienne Delvigne claw hat creation.

    The placement of Anne’s hat is better this time, but I think it only looks good at a far distance, and closer it seems too small, especially with her hairstyle. I think a larger beret base or a full hat are the best choices for Anne; anything smaller looks a bit absurd for her. I do like the color of the base, but the floral/feather trim is not done well. And I’m probably in a small minority, but I love the design of her outfit!

    Birgitte looks fine in her structured beret, but this ruffled collar outfit always makes me want her to bring back this large Cambridge wedding hat she wore with it! I’m also surprised we’ve never seen her wear her raspberry milan straw hat at a garden party; that hat would suit these occasions much better than when she’s worn them to Ascot. The Duke of Gloucester looked good in his black top hat, but the Duke of Kent still hasn’t steamed out the hatband on his top hat; really, how does that not get taken care of?

  2. I actually liked all the hats, though think Princess Anne’s hat could be improved by replacing the taupe with a different contrasting color — I agree with Peggy that the current combo looks very autumn-like. (And knowing the Princess’s thrift, a remodel job would certainly be less expensive than a total replacement!)

    Looking back at the previous outings of the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat, I do like it much better with this blue dress than with the white one last year — that was too much white! This blue dress flatters her figure and I really like those interesting half-circle decorations.

  3. Hat Queen, would love to see a future blog about how these hats are stored and catalogued as to use by their owners. Boxes? Mannequin heads? Surely Queen Elizabeth has some extraordinary storage system to accommodate and maintain hats for so many years in good repair. And while she could reliably rely on the Hat Queen as to dates hats are worn (with even an accompanying photograph), surely there is some designated lady-in-waiting for that task.

  4. I enjoyed all the hats worn by the Royal women. I like the brown and mustard color combination but I feel it is more of an autumn color than a spring color. However I think Princess Anne looked very nice.

  5. As many times as I have seen that outfit on the Duchess of Gloucester, I still like it. It suits her very well. The Duchess of Cornwall looks so similar to her usual look, that she might as well be wearing an outfit we have seen as many times, if you see what I mean. The Princess Royal, who is not wearing something we have seen many times, also looks quite typical for her. An odd colour combination, a hat badly placed, and a complete disregard for current fashion – we never know what Anne will wear but she will always look like a Princess. She has a certain dignity that clothes have no part of.

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